Understanding the choices & the costs

Many companies calculate the combined hourly cost associated with their executives’ time.  Losing hours in security, during layovers, even the possibility of overnights to accommodate a multi-city travel schedule equates to lost productivity.  Computing the annual compensation of an executive into the value of a single hour of their time can often offset the cost of private aviation.  A two, three and even four city itinerary can now be completed in a single day with the Principal returning to their family by the end of the day.

Also consider implementing Emergency Response Plans for clients for instances where an emergency evacuation or air ambulance might be needed in the case of natural disaster, medical emergency or even a sudden change in political climate.  When an important flight is needed on short notice, it is an inopportune time for carefully analyzing the available flight options.

And there are exposure points in private aviation that require research and experience to avoid.  Unfortunately unscrupulous sellers exist offering too-good-to-be-true deals that potentially make use of illegal, uncertified aircraft and pilots.  When making well-informed purchasing choices, safety is the primary concern but there can also be legal repercussions for a traveler even if they unknowingly purchased or flew on an illegal flight.

The Benefits

A PJS Consultation will help determine if and how private aviation solutions will work for your specific requirements.  We engage with individuals and entities of all sizes to analyze travel needs, recommend and implement solutions that have a positive ROI.

We know from 14 years of experience that in many cases a blended approach is the right path.  Many whole aircraft owners also own a jet card for supplemental lift needs.  Most jet card owners will have at one point purchased an on-demand charter flight.  PJS sharing our bandwidth across all of the available modes of purchase is a convenience that experienced private flyers recognize immediately.

Today more than ever, private aviation is saving travelers time, reducing stress, adding convenience and providing privacy.  Businesses and individuals can now be more productive with the extra hours they save before, during and after each private flight.  Families and friends can leave when they want, spend more time together and spend less time sitting in security.

PJS exists to solve air travel logistics with dedication and passion. We are well positioned to help navigate the private aviation marketplace to identify the best means of private aviation for each of our clients, whether individuals, corporations or their advisors.