Whether it’s scouting talent, recruiting the next collegiate star, or seamless team travel to post-season games, PJS provides the flexibility of owning your own aircraft with the contingency of having an entire fleet. Cost-efficient team charters can carry an entire squad to a training camp or play-off game. Our flexible aviation can also ensure a single scout reaches their next destination at a moment’s notice. Providing efficient travel solutions helps maximize your competitive advantage, game after game, season after season.

 PJS has flown the top teams for almost 15 years, here are the championships won:

NCAA Baseball Championships
NCAA Basketball Championships
NCAA Hockey Championships
NCAA Football Championships



PJS has a long track record of supporting successful collegiate sport programs in their recruitment of the best talent. Every player, every game, every training session: PJS offers a freedom and flexibility that ensures nothing is missed when recruiting for the next season. Coaches and administrators can leave at a moment’s notice to any destination as we respond to customized ever-changing flight requirements. The long layovers experienced on commercial flights are replaced by the first impression of welcoming a potential recruit’s family on a luxury jet. It’s a smarter, more efficient, and surprisingly cost-effective way to travel.

Private Jet Services have access to tens of thousands of airports around the world. So you’re not just connected to major cities. Our private aviation service enables you to quickly reach destinations that are unreachable by commercial craft, as well as opening the convenience of private airports and FBOs (Fixed Base of Operations). Private air terminals minimize the time spent on the ground. So there’s no more arriving two hours before a flight or queuing to clear your bags at security. Instead, look forward to planning in-flight objectives and convenient team travel.

When travel plans change, a range of aircraft are already waiting to be dispatched. Careful contingency planning means there’s always at least a plan B and plan C for every flight. And our aviation experts have long-standing partnerships with ground transportation companies, taking care of every leg on every point-to-point journey.

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  • 24/7 access to a dedicated team of aviation experts
  • Our clients always have a single point of contact
  • PJS adheres to best practices in contingency management
  • Industry Standard for Intuitive Attention
  • Customized Service
  • No Account Numbers, we are on a first name basis with the majority of our customers
  • Highest Touch – CRM backs up Teaming Arrangement
  • Charter client retention rate over 90%
  • Staff retention rate 5+ years
  • Deep knowledge of sports and other industry specific travel
  • Dedicated Concierge for each organization
  • 24 hour communication accessible through phone, distribution list (i.e. Team@pjsgroup.com)
  • Plan or change an itinerary with a single call or email
  • We can provide cost estimates for potential trips
  • Arrangements for catering and ground transportation
  • Customs arrangements are available
  • PJS maintains catering and beverage preferences, including allergies, preferred FBOs, on-board newspapers, magazines and WiFi


  • PJS Policy: minimum of two contingency plans in place for every trip
  • Monthly/Weekly/Daily/Hourly reports can be provided to Client as required
  • Beginning 30 days from the first departure, PJS is in contact will all North American airlines who operate VIP Airliners to determine suitable replacement aircraft positioning and availability in the event such replacement becomes necessary.
  • From 7-days prior to the first departure, PJS is in contact with all secondary aircraft operators on a daily basis to track and identify the closest suitable replacement aircraft in the event a replacement is necessary.
  •  PJS closely tracks and monitors every aircraft involved with a program 24 hours a day using a flight tracking system that identifies aircraft by their specific registration. We are in constant contact with the aircraft’s dispatch before and throughout the duration of the flight.
  • When an unforeseen interruption takes place, the on-site PJS Concierge works directly with the team to analyze all contingency options available. Depending on the severity of the inconvenience, PJS coordinates with the club as to the best course of action, whether it is remaining at the location, contracting an alternative aircraft, staying at the hotel/venue, or booking commercial air. If an aircraft substitution is necessary, PJS will re-position the closest suitable aircraft.