Wayne Whicher, Financial Controller

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Wayne Whicher joined Private Jet Services in October of 2005 as Financial Controller. In this role he has responsibility for Finance, Administration, HR, IT and works closely with CEO and Founder Greg Raiff in setting the strategic goals and direction for the firm. As PJS continues to grow, Whicher focuses on improving costs, developing and implementing controls, overseeing company structure and on-going improvements within the organization.

Whicher started his career at a variety of companies, working up through the ranks of the accounting field. Experience at both large and small organizations provide him with expertise in scaling a small company, while still maintaining corporate structure and goals. Ecco, Timberland, Stonewall Kitchen and Sprague Energy were among a few of the companies that Whicher has successfully contributed at over the years.

With an extensive foundation in finance, banking and entrepreneurial adaptiveness. He also has strong knowledge of HR, hiring, and information technology needs. He is a product of The University of NH and Southern NH University, having grown up locally.