Investing In The Future: Preview how we are streamlining the online proposal process for our clients

Investing In The Future: Preview how we are streamlining the online proposal process for our clients

Why a client-focused approach sets us apart from other technology solutions

Author: Jon Reed, Chief Sales Officer, Elevate Aviation Group


At Private Jet Services (PJS), we are all about the client. Our mission is to ensure our client’s experience is stellar from beginning to end. With this in mind, we created a quick, easy, personalized online proposal process. Our online process is not only quick but it protects our client’s privacy. 

How PJS’s Online Proposal Process is Unique 

When a client is planning a trip, we know efficiency and time are essential. So we created a modern, streamlined approach. What once took several steps and a few emails is now simplified with a personal touch. They tell us where and when they want to go and we present the best options. We have always been client-centric and our goal is to remove all obstacles for a smooth process. 

How it Works 

Our experts research the aircraft and operator options thoroughly, checking safety ratings, reviews and more through our exclusive database on TripGrade. This way we are able to confirm the information is accurate and up-to-date. We then present each client with choices designed specifically for them. Finding the best and safest options for our clients is essential to us and creating a state-of-the-art process takes our service to the next level.

Client Website with a Modern Twist

Once we choose the options that are aligned with the client’s preferences, a personalized website page with the details is sent to the client by email. The proposal includes several aircraft and operator options with photos as well as aircraft specifications. We highlight one option that is ideal for the client based on their preference. The next step is to book the trip.    

Mobile Centric Booking

One of the benefits of the new proposal process is that it can be viewed and booked on mobile devices. The entire experience was built from the ground up to be responsive to the type of device our clients use; whether using a smartphone or laptop. During our testing phase, we received great feedback on the ease and speed of viewing, selecting an option and booking. 

Safety First

Safety was one of our key objectives in creating the online proposal process. The client chooses the aircraft and operator they want and then they book the trip on their website. Each website is designed with a secure URL that begins with “https” the “s” stands for secure. This way, the client knows that the information added to the website is encrypted as it passes from their browser to the website keeping their information safe.  

PJS is always looking for new ways to enhance the client experience. Our online proposal process saves time and puts all trip information on an easy-to-access website making the travel experience a breeze.