The popularity of air travel is accelerating faster than innovations in fuel efficiency. Worldwide air passenger enplanements have risen exponentially to a forecast of 4.6 billion passengers in 2020. The industry is making progress with technologies such as fuel additives, cleaner engines, and lighter airframes, but these advancements cannot mitigate the growing carbon emissions produced by aviation. That is why PJS has initiated PJS Carbon Neutrality Pledge in a commitment to offset 100% of the carbon emissions generated by our flights.  

In partnership with American Forests, a pioneer in conservation since 1875, PJS has implemented a reforestation program to sequester 100% of the carbon emissions released by our clients’ flights. The PJS Carbon Neutrality Pledge establishes Private Jet Services as America’s First Carbon Neutral Private Aviation Company.

PJS is committed to planting 79,200 trees in two of the nation’s most needed regions and will reconcile its reforestation program annually to compensate for increased flight activity, ensuring that the PJS Carbon Neutrality Pledge is honored in perpetuity. A majority of the trees will be planted in the Northern Rockies and Cascades, which have suffered heavy losses of whitebark pine and other five-needle pines from pest infestation, fatal diseases, and intense wildfires. We will also plant in the Lake Champlain Basin of Vermont to protect and restore surface waters in the basin and help curb the water pollution from farms that have degraded the lake with algal blooms and high levels of pathogens.  

Many PJS clients share our concern for the impact flying has on the environment. By offsetting all of the carbon dioxide (CO2) generated by our flights, our clients can travel with greater peace of mind knowing that every PJS flight is a carbon neutral flight.


In addition to absorbing CO2, trees also absorb other potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide, from the air and they release oxygen into the air. Additionally, trees create healthier ecosystems by:

  • Improving water quality
  • Improving air quality
  • Tempering the climate
  • Reducing soil erosion
  • Preventing flooding
  • Creating a habitat for animals and plants


Different aircraft models, sizes, and particularly ages, emit varying levels of pollutants. American Forests recommends planting one tree per 910 pounds of carbon dioxide that is created. Working closely with Jad Daley, President & CEO of American Forests and the American Forests team, PJS has committed to planting enough trees to sequester 100% of the carbon emissions resulting from PJS flights. Private Jet Services – America’s First Carbon Neutral Private Aviation Company.

Carbon Footprint by Aircraft Category


AF Carbon Graph 4

* Please note that different aircraft models, particularly of different ages, emit vastly different levels of pollutants.


This spring, PJS employees, partners, and families will join with American Forests in planting a portion of the trees along the rivers and streams of the Lake Champlain Basin of Vermont. We hope you will join us for the very first PJS Earth Day. If you would like to join us on this historic endeavor, please email and we will contact you with more information.

About American Forests

American Forests has been a leading force for forest conservation in the U.S. since 1875. In the past decade alone, American Forests has planted nearly 60 million trees in forest restoration projects and has worked in dozens of cities across America, expanding tree canopy and improving the quality of life for residents. Together, these projects recover hundreds of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat, safeguard vital watersheds, absorb millions of tons of greenhouse gases and protect some of the most stunning landscapes in America. American Forests continues that work to create healthy and resilient forests from cities to wilderness that deliver essential benefits for climate, people, water and wildlife.

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