Flight Operations Team

Private Jet Services’s Flight Operations Center (FOC) uses the most advanced tools to track and monitor all flights including up-to-the minute weather patterns and projections, NOTAMS, TFRs and airport congestion 24 hours a day.

We fly between 5 ,000 and 10,000 passengers every month, year round. Our range of expertise covers 4-passenger helicopter transfers, light jets up through ultra-long range executive jets, on up to 400 -passenger Boeing 747 wide-body trans- continental missions, in some cases with multiple 747s in use simultaneously.

Our FOC Team is always looking ahead, remaining in constant communication with downline facilities and services to ensure seamless coordination of all details, big and small. Our expertise and diligence ensures problems are identified and solved before they can impact our flights and passengers.

PJS understands through our 15 years of providing private aviation services that smoothly run operations are a necessity.