Private Airliner Boeing 767-200 Jet

Private Airliner Boeing 767-200 Jet

With a flight range of 10 hours and seating for 220 passengers, the Boeing 767-200 is the ideal choice for your Transatlantic or Coast-to-Coast trip. Offering VIP catering, In-Flight Entertainment, and our own concierge service, flying on this B767-200 will make traveling a pleasure once again.

Cabin Dimensions

Length: 111’ 2”
Height: 9’ 3”
Width: 15’ 6”


20 Business Class
200 Coach Seats

NBAA Range

Max Hours: 10
Max Distance: 5,500 nm

Cruising Speed

0.73 Mach
485 mph

Luggage Capacity

2875 cubic feet