Gulfstream 100 Mid-Sized Private Jet

Gulfstream 100 Mid-Sized Private Jet

The Gulfstream 100 was designed with one thing in mind, speed. By being able to hit cruising speeds of .84 Mach, you can be assured to reach your destination on time if not ahead of schedule. This aircraft also has a maximum ceiling of 45,000 feet, and up at that dizzying height one encounters little to no inclement weather or other air traffic.

Cabin Dimensions

Height: 5′ 7″
Width: 4′ 10″
Length: 17′ 1″


Belted Seats: 6-8

NBAA Range

Max Hours: 5
Max Distance: 2,550 nm

Cruising Speed

525 mph

Luggage Capacity

64 cubic feet