Private VIP Airliners for Luxury Air Travel


Nothing compares with traveling on a private and spacious, VIP airliner.  Take an airframe designed to transport 150 or more coach passengers, and instead outfit the entire cabin with premium VIP first class seats finished in Bentley hand-stitched leather, super-fast ATG 8000 wifi, power outlets for personal electronics, add customized gourmet service provided by VIP-trained flight attendants, and you will understand why professional sports teams, global dignitaries, top tier entertainers, and many others choose PJS.

More than just people-movers with fewer seats, VIP Airliners come equipped with advanced engineering for improved range, sound-proofing for a luxuriously quiet flight, infrastructure to accommodate amenities such as gourmet galleys for amazing dining options prepared in-flight by world class chefs, or even a spa-like master bath with a shower so VIP passengers can arrive refreshed.

PJS offers many different bizliner options worldwide including VIP high density configurations with luxury seating for between 60 and 100 guests, or VVIP configurations for between 16 and 50 passengers designed with multiple zones such as staterooms for rest and privacy, as well as media and entertainment cabins great for socializing and enjoying cocktails with h’ordeuvres.  Short and ultra long range options are available.