Embraer Legacy

embraer legacy exterior

Top of its class. The Legacy 650E outshines the competition in cabin volume, comfort, in-flight baggage space and even lavatory size. With fully berthing premium leather seats, an extensive galley and impressively low cabin noise, the Legacy 650E attends to all your needs.

Falcon 2000/2000X

falcon 2000X

Sharing many of the same redeeming qualities that the original 2000 has, the 2000EX strives to improve upon range and cabin spaciousness. With a pair of even more powerful jet engines, the 2000EX is able to travel a staggering 4,300 miles without needing a fuel stop. The cabin has been expanded as well, now even […]

Falcon 900

falcon 900 exterior

A truly unique jet with its tri-jet design, the Falcon 900 stands apart from the rest. Containing only the latest in aerodynamic and avionic technology, this aircraft provides an unprecedented level of comfort and safety to passengers. Generation after generation of Falcon 900’s set the industry standards for durability, longevity and reliability.

Gulfstream V/550


Having one of the most staggering ranges amont private jets 6,700 miles has earned this aircraft plenty of recognition in the form of awards like the Rober J. Collier Trophy and being named by users as the “best in value business aircraft”. Wide oval windows fill the cabin with natural light and provide passengers with […]

Gulfstream IV-SP/400/450

gulfstream iv sp exterior

An upgraded version of previous G-IV’s, this aircraft has been fitted with much quieter and more fuel efficient engines. Both improvements resulting in a more comfortable and less costly travel experience for the passenger. Not only does this aircraft come with a full galley and rest room, but it can also comfortably fit 19 passengers. […]

Gulfstream III

Gulfstream III

Most of the world will be within your grasp aboard the GIII thanks to its impressive 4,600 mile range. But on such a long trip you will want to make sure you are well taken care of, thanks to a full galley the worst part of the trip will be when it ends. The GIII […]

Gulfstream II-SP

Gulfstream II-SP

The Gulfstream II/SP (G-II/SP) is an American twin engine business jet designed and built by Grumman and then in succession, Grumman American and finally Gulfstream American. Its Grumman model number is G-1159 and its US military designation is C-11 Gulfstream II. It has been succeeded by the Gulfstream III. The first Gulfstream II flew on […]

Global Express

bombardier global express

The pioneer of the ultra long range jets, the Global Express affords passengers the comfort and speed of a airliner without the hassles that come with commercial flight. Having an exceptionally steep angle of approach allows the Express to land and takeoff from busy and normally hard to reach airports.

Bombardier Challenger 604

Bombardier Challenger 604

The 6600 KM range that is achieved by the Challenger 604 makes it ideally suited for non stop international or coast to coast flights. Having the latest in audio visual systems as well as WiFi on board make this aircraft the perfect choice for any professional on the move.