Hawker 1000

Hawker 1000

This roomy, international mid-size jet is designed with a peaceful relaxing travel experience in mind. Having been outfitted with a set of exceptoinally quiet and fuel effecient engines makes it highly desirable. With exhaust leaving the jet at a lower velocity, the engines create less noise translating to a more relaxing environment in the cabin.

Gulfstream 200

Gulfstream 200 exterior

The highly adaptable Gulfstream can be configured to hold anywhere from 8 to 19 seats to suit whatever business or personal needs you may have. The supremely well designed heavy load wings allow this aircraft to perform well in nearly an conditions, making sure that nothing will stop you from arriving at your destination.

Falcon 50EX

Falcon 50EX exterior

Outperforming its predecessor in nearly every aspect, the 50EX has a much longer ranger, wastes less fuel while cruising and reach a higher cruising ceiling. The jets galley comes with plenty of amenities to keep passengers happy, including and oven, ice chest and a coffee maker. The design and materials used in the fuselage come […]

Citation X

citation x legacy

A top speed of nearly Mach 1 means that the Citation X ensures you will be where you need to be when you need to be there. That incredible speed is what helps this aircraft reach is surprising maximum range of 3,460 nm.

Citation Sovereign

cessna citation sovereign

Being built for today’s business professional. This aircraft comes standard with the most up to date technology to allow you to stay on top of business no matter where you are. A maximum capacity of 9 allows you to bring the board meeting with you.

Challenger 300

challenger 300 overhead view inflight

Holding 5 transcontinental and over water aviation records, the Challenger 300 and Challenger 350 broke the mold when it comes to Super-mid jet design. An ergonomically designed cabin provides truly unparalleled comfort.