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Through a unique partnership with award-winning conservation tourism company Wilderness Safaris, PJS presents one-of-a-kind itineraries for combined private jet travel and safari exploration across Africa— only available through PJS.

These all-inclusive trips include charter flights to and from each destination, luxury accommodations, meals, park fees, laundry and daily scheduled camp activities.

Let us arrange an incredible trip of a lifetime for you. Request a quote today to reserve flights and accommodations for any of the following limited opportunities.



Fly to the southern reaches of Botswana where deep lagoons, wetlands, lush palms, rugged hills and desert plains provide a tranquil haven for an abundance of African wildlife to thrive.

During your 9-night curated stay across three Botswana camps, expect to find impressive elephant herds, large prides of lions and unforgettable cultural encounters showcasing Botswana’s ancient heritage.

Full itinerary here.

Wilderness Safaris Book a Private Charter


Soar over the heart of Africa and land in the small but breathtaking country of Rwanda.

Here you will venture from the cosmopolitan of Kigali, deep into some of the rarest wildlife of the country’s protected forests, jungles and savannas. Explore the land with a private chimp tracking adventure or contribute to a local reforestation project during your stay.

Full itinerary here.

Wilderness Safari elephants


Visit a stunning country unlike any other destination in the world. Home to the oldest desert on Earth and the largest dunes in the world, people celebrate Namibia for its vast open landscapes, infinite blue skies and starry nights.

Experience the sand dunes on an awe-inspiring hot air balloon safari. Or explore the ground near the Skeleton Coast,  where the world’s only desert-adapted elephant and rhino thrive.

Full itinerary here.


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PJS exists to solve airline charter logistics with dedication and passion. The global aviation marketplace is filled with various options and solutions. What works for one group is not necessarily right for another, nor should it be. PJS offers a unique consultancy approach, using over fifteen years of experience to chart individualized solutions for each client. This method consistently delivers choice, value and peace of mind for a wide range of scenarios. 


Private Jet Services Group recently finished the design and build of its new Flight Operations Center. Our team has all the advanced tools to track and monitor all flights. They are consistently watching over up-to-the-minute weather patterns and projections, locations of relocated jets and constantly following and monitoring all actions, keeping in touch with the FBO and ensuring your trip runs smoothly.