Private Aviation Engagement


A thorough understanding of the client’s scope of need, whether starting at square one research of business aviation, or whether a situational analysis of current use of air travel to determine if it is optimal, PJS is the best starting point.


  • Can we justify the cost of flying privately?
  • Do we have controls and/or guidance in place for how our organization purchases air travel?
  • How can we best supplement our current air travel use?
  • We already use business aviation – should we consider changing our current mode of access?
    Should we be concerned about the safety of our current mode of air travel?
  • Are we ready to purchase our own aircraft?
  • Should we upgrade our current aircraft to newer or larger aircraft?
  • Is it time to add another aircraft to our current fleet?
  • Should we consider downsizing our current fleet?
  • Can we reduce the expense of our current air travel use?

Our experience has indisputably demonstrated that business aviation users who have not taken a hard look at their current mode of purchase within the prior 2 years, are likely missing significant opportunities to get more for their money.

You need to know the options before you can make a smart decision. With business aviation’s best researchers and analysts, PJS offers customized solutions to align all of your specific strategic needs.  Whether making a first time purchase, trading up or trading down, buying aircraft well with residual value planning in mind is simplified when working with PJS.

Helping clients understand the available modes of acquisition and types of financing (secured loan, manufacturer-assistance programs, lease categories and fluctuations in the leasing market, etc.) to find the best unique fit is where PJS expertise pays dividends.

In some ways vast but in other ways, aviation is a small world which means global market knowledge and reach are key.  The array of choices can seem daunting but on the other hand, extremely finite.  For example, among some of the most popular business jets such as a Cessna Citation X or a Bombardier Challenger 300 – there are only a few hundred of each in circulation from which to choose, and only a handful of new are produced annually.  Buying well, negotiating and structuring strong purchasing agreements – even across borders, and avoiding pitfalls requires PJS experience.

The PJS success story is in part due to our bandwidth of experience, a necessity in staying on budget with on-time, well-executed aircraft completions and refurbishments.  Our dedicated team has worked with clients ranging from major league sports, presidential campaigns, the world’s most recognizable music tours, multinational corporations, and discerning individual clients to design their own custom aircraft finishes.

Exterior design of an aircraft is an exciting area.  Whether promoting a brand or event with highly visible custom artwork to make a big entrance upon every landing, or if a tasteful low profile exterior design is prefered, PJS has the resources.

Interior colors, materials, layout choices, amenities decisions from entertainment systems and wifi to galley-work – whether tastes lean towards multi-zone space for privacy and rest to arrive refreshed, or towards leisure spaces designed for socializing and entertaining making the journey a prime part of the travel experience – regardless of cabin size, PJS has seen it all

PJS works with individuals and entities of all sizes to analyze travel needs and current use, and then recommends and implements solutions that have a positive ROI.  We know from 14 years of experience that in many cases a blended approach is the right path.  Many whole aircraft owners also own a jet card for supplement lift needs.  Most private aviation users will have at one point purchased an on-demand charter flight.  Using a consultancy such as PJS with bandwidth across all of the available modes of purchase is a convenience that experienced private flyers recognize immediately.

Regulatory and technical knowledge are necessities when managing legal filings relating to business  aviation.  Whether involving product integrity, purchase and sale agreements, escrow matters, incident litigation, insurance claims, DOT, FAA or NTSB notifications, economic loss, fraud, or documentary privileges, PJS consultancy is well prepared to engage.

PJS knows aircraft needs can change rapidly.  Whether a favorable market for aircraft values or market uncertainties dictate the decision, our expertise and connections in acquisitions helps us facilitate the remarketing of our clients’ aircraft with residual values maintained.  We offer short term solutions such as wet or dry leases, longer term options such as aircraft sale and leaseback if the asset is no longer justified but travel demands remain, total sale of aircraft, and even part-out services.

PJS aviation advisory services maps out the process to accompany clients through all the steps in incorporating a business aviation solution, or improving an existing system. Comprehensive strategies from needs assessment and forecasting, acquisitions planning, due diligence, regulatory expertise, transaction guidance, financial planning, staffing, expense management, down to the nitty gritty logistics of each departure and landing, PJS can architect the most efficient, custom-fit solutions.

Deciding on the right solution can be a daunting task.  The options include jet ownership, fractional ownership, jet card, and on-demand charter, all of which have varying degrees of flexibility, convenience and reliability.

And there are many aircraft choices to consider within the marketplace. Identifying the best fit based on typical travel patterns, passenger group size, and amenities is part of the process.  A thorough examination of client needs, including understanding their flexibility with regard to aircraft type, will help determine the best mode of purchase.

The right management firm makes all the difference in having a positive aircraft ownership experience.  Run with the highest degree of safety consideration, PJS offers a single-point-of-contact service arrangement ensuring transparency and low-stress efficiency.  Our management clients realize savings in fuel, hangaring, maintenance, and insurance with PJS bulk-purchasing, included with detailed and audited recordkeeping, expense reporting, crew recruitment, training and ongoing evaluation, as well as regulatory compliance and fully personalized 24/7 logistics support.

PJS helps aircraft and fleet owners improve cost controls and efficiency with experienced maintenance planning while retaining high quality.  Inexperience in navigating the options can be costly. Our team understands what maintenance events should cost, how long they should take, when they should be scheduled, and which vendors are best qualified for the work. We eliminate the guesswork.

PJS specializes in corporate shuttle services for mission-critical projects, from ongoing daily movements of hundreds of employees, to regular rotations of small, high-value teams.  All aspects are managed from safety monitoring, systems for tracking and communicating aircraft movements, contingency and weather planning, 24/7 dispatch, schedule management, and ground transportation service coordination. And the PJS proprietary web portal enables shuttle clients to seamlessly manage their scheduled routes, seat inventories, manifests, invoicing, even meal planning and ground transportation coordination.  With our expert team being the single point of contact for your team, we successfully deliver cost and times saving through sophisticated, well-run programs.

Purchasing a share or renewing a jet card can involve a lot of fine print.  Whether you already own aircraft or hours on a jet, we know securing supplemental lift comes with opportunities, especially at renewal time.  If buyers aren’t careful, expiring first-year incentives can mean future flying costs are noticeably increased, or opportunities are missed for negotiating more favorable terms and perks.  PJS consultancy works to protect clients with concise comparisons and analysis of options, and clarifying differences that providers might not encourage buyers to notice.