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From moving thousands of passengers to a single VIP client, PJS applies the same personalized approach to fulfill your aviation needs.

Streamline and elevate your corporate air travel logistics with PJS.

The global aviation marketplace is filled with myriad options and solutions. Private Jet Services (PJS) offers a unique consultancy approach using over 18 years of proven experience to chart individualized solutions for each client.

We specialize in custom business aviation needs from the critical necessities of safety and privacy to optimizing executive jet flight hours to corporate shuttle services for mission-critical projects that all require a level of sophistication, service, and quality that is rarely found in the charter market. Whether your projects require daily movements of hundreds of employees from multiple points-of-origin, or a single movement of a high-value team, we find ways to make each trip a success.

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PJS only partners with operators holding the highest safety ratings.

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Review Our Corporate Air Travel Case Studies:

PJS needed to manage all logistics and transport of 1,600 passengers from Boston to San Diego for a meeting on the same travel day, all within just a 2-hour arrival window. This would not be possible using commercial air because it would require many flights arriving at different times throughout the day. The client also wanted to ensure that every passenger had the same quality experience, a level of exceptional service not easily managed when flying on a commercial airline.

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PJS utilized five wide-body aircraft to reduce the number of separate flights necessary and keep the cost per passenger consistent.

  • Handled all logistical details providing the client with a single point of contact, rather than several contacts at a number of different vendors
  • Positioned eight PJS staff members in Boston and one staff member in San Diego to greet the passengers when they arrived, to assist with ground transportation and ensure that each flight proceeded without a delay


  • Included a PJS Flight Concierge on each flight to ensure that each passenger received the same experience and level of customer service
  • Provided direct service void of change fees, cancellation fees, baggage fees or transfer costs


All 1,600 passengers arrived in San Diego on time, well-fed, rested and ready for the event, while the client saved $57 per person when compared to flying commercial. By using private aviation, the company also saved itself valuable time that would have been lost due to staggered arrival times and increased overall employee productivity.


Every year, a prominent New England auto chain rewards its top-performing sales executives within the region with a group incentive trip. The company looks to hold this event in inspiring, unique and often off-the-beaten-path locations worldwide with the goal of a reward that encourages its employees to work at the top of their game.

However, these remote locations are typically hard to reach commercially and even more difficult when arranging travel for 40+ people. The company had also researched private charters and found that few aviation companies support this size of a group without limiting where it could travel. Providers tend to shy away from larger trips because managing full-time operations and concierge staff, people on the ground and contact with airliners, all while maintaining a high level of customer service is a hefty lift.

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PJS matched the New England automotive company with a VIP airliner that supported its large group headcount and provided full-service operational facilities from the trip’s start to finish. 

The VIP airliner contained 68 first-class seats, a full bar, entertainment and wi-fi capabilities to keep employees comfortable on board. PJS also coordinated regional-specific catering at prominent locations along the way to the final destination whenever the aircraft needed to stop for fuel. 

Working with PJS allowed the automotive group to maintain its unique incentive experience by making travel a part of the vacation. All employees were able to fly together as a group, facilitating ease in logistics, coordinated arrival and departure times and team bonding — all before even arriving at its destination. 

The organization now annually flies its top sellers with PJS and has relied on PJS for over 15 years. The company is no longer limited to specific locations and changes its event destination annually to fly to exotic places such as the Maldives, Vietnam, Cabo and Seychelles. 


Corporate Inc.’s executive team utilized commercial airlines (a combination of Business and First Class) for most of its aviation needs. The company’s senior executives were often accompanied by a small team, with frequent route density between Atlanta and destinations including Switzerland, Boston, New York, Brazil and the UK. Occasionally, the volume of passengers made private travel economically compelling. However, the company had yet to take advantage of this resource.

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Corporate Inc.’s executives recognized that they required a travel solution that would minimize travel time and maximize efficiency and productivity. When they connected with PJS to explore solutions for their business-related travel, PJS immediately identified all of the company’s needs and preferences, including the following:

  • All flights had to be non-stop

  • Preference for premium, late model aircraft

  • Safe, on-time operation, coupled with a cost-efficient use of flight funds

  • Unique travel needs and aircraft preferences of executives

  • Ability to choose aircraft type based on passenger counts or flight length on a trip-by-trip basis

  • Last-minute changes, including frequent passenger additions or name changes

  • Ability to quickly adjust itinerary, change the departure time, day or location


After identifying the individuals’ specific needs, PJS conducted a review of Corporate Inc.’s flight history. The results showed that Corporate Inc. required between 140 to 160 hours of flight time per year in a combination of small cabin and large cabin aircraft. Most of its flights were round trip and were either out and back in the same day (domestic) or with one or two overnights (intercontinental).

PJS determined that Corporate Inc. would need a forward-looking, cost-effective solution by using locally sourced aircraft under a single provider to ensure consistency of aircraft, communication, and onboard experience. A successful plan also needed to ensure price consistency, transparency and centralized invoicing at the corporate purchase order level. Based on travel needs and preferences, PJS recommended its Total Flight Management (TFM) program, an on-demand, risk-free program, which allows for complete flexibility – including changes in routes, timing, frequency, and annual spend — without financial commitments or minimum usage.

Corporate Inc. opted to enroll in the TFM program. In addition to the cost savings as a result of the increased time efficiencies, the company saw an increase in employee retention, as valued personnel were able to get more work done while traveling; stay connected while in the sky via WiFi and satellite phones; and spend more time with their families, contributing to a more favorable work-life balance. The financial benefits of the program and happier employees equaled a win-win for the company.

A Shuttle Program Is Especially Helpful Post-acquisition, Allowing Company Executives To Be On-Site Frequently Without The Burnout Associated With Commercial Travel.

PJS has developed scheduled service programs for several corporations allowing them to transport their employees to where they need to be in a safe, reliable, cost-effective and comfortable manner. Whether our clients’ projects require daily movements of hundreds of employees from multiple points-of-origin or a single movement of a high-value team, PJS has the experience, resources, and reputation for fault-tolerant delivery critical to the success of any Managed Travel Program.

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  • Post–Acquisition: PJS facilitated a shuttle four times daily over a three-year period for a pharmaceutical company which acquired a competitor.

  • Access to Remote Offices: PJS currently organizes a daily shuttle for an automotive company to fly various members of the management team to a manufacturing location that is underserved by commercial aviation, turning a two-day journey into a few-hour flight.

  • Transporting Workers to Remote Projects: Examples include crew rotations to off-shore drilling facilities and transporting engineers to remote launch sites.

A high-net-worth individual with varied business interests, board memberships and family members in multiple locations was looking for a comprehensive air charter solution to facilitate ease of travel while maintaining a single, consistent point of contact. This individual also owned multiple homes resulting in frequent one-way trips and a typical average flight time of 100 hours per year. To add to the challenge, many of the homes were located in remote areas not easily served by commercial airlines. Furthermore, this individual did not wish to commit to a large capital outlay over a long period of time (i.e., a fractional share), nor did he wish to pre-pay brokers whose financial situation was murky and who could not provide in advance the specifics of the aircraft on which he would be flying.

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The individual engaged PJS on a consultancy basis to analyze the situation and make a recommendation. PJS immediately identified a number of needs, including:

  • On-demand flight access with a single, consistent point of contact, uniform billing and a developed client profile

  • Ability to freely interchange aircraft types to meet different itineraries of varying durations

  • Ability to pay for all post-flight usage and avoid tying up capital unnecessarily

  • Ability to pre-approve all aircraft

  • A program which could provide one-way pricing for seasonal travel between domiciles

After identifying the individual’s specific needs, PJS presented a Total Flight Management
(TFM) proposal, which included:

  • A dedicated inflight Concierge assigned to the account, who met with the client before his first trip and gave him a rundown of everything he could expect.

  • A Blanket Charter Agreement, extending payment terms of up to 14 days post-flight

  • Ability to confirm all flight itineraries via email

In consultation with PJS, the client purchased a membership plan, which would be the most cost-effective solution, allowing the client to fully maximize his aviation value across the board, while enjoying vastly increased savings and flexibility, all without sacrificing aircraft quality or safety. With improved time efficiency for business travel, the client was also able to enjoy more quality time traveling with his family, all at greater cost savings per hour, thanks to a well-planned, personalized aviation program.

Energy Group Limited, a U.S. energy company, experienced a growth in demand for its oilfield services crews throughout the country. As a result, crews were stretched thin across multiple remote areas, and senior management that commercial air transportation was not a viable option. The company had a limited amount of time to analyze the alternatives, identify the option that offered the most reliable and cost-effective solution and set up a comprehensive travel schedule.

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Energy Group Limited contacted PJS to explore solutions for moving their crews on a scheduled rotation basis. PJS’ skilled industry-specific experts dove deep into analyzing the company’s unique situation and mission, immediately identifying specific challenges that needed addressed, including:

  • Providing lift for 40 passengers every two weeks to locations where commercial service was limited or extremely challenged due to connections and travel time involved

  • Frequent last-minute passenger additions or name changes

  • Need to move larger quantities of cargo than allowed on commercial carriers

  • Ability to quickly adjust to changing locations

After determining the company’s needs, PJS presented three viable solutions to choose from:

  1. Multiple rotations utilizing a range of smaller aircrafts

  2. Using a 50-seat regional jet on a predetermined scheduled basis

  3. A dedicated 50-seat regional jet that would provide the company with their own aircraft asset to use as needed

In consultation with PJS, Energy Group Limited chose the third option, because it offered the company the ability to move its crews to multiple locations when needed and adjust based on changing market factors. The dedicated aircraft solution allowed the client to alter departure times and locations as crews completed work and moved to alternate regions.

By having an aircraft at its disposal, the company was able to move 100 passengers a day plus additional cargo with a total travel time of two hours each way. In addition to the cost savings resulting from the increased time efficiencies, the company also saw an increase in employee retention as its valued personnel had more time with their families when off-site.

The National Hockey League (NHL) identified league-wide inefficiencies with regard to team expenses
. So, the League engaged globally renowned business productivity consultants, Bain & Company, to perform an expense analysis. Bain identified insurance, energy for maintaining ice arenas and team travel as the top three expenditures. They also determined that travel was the greatest efficiency opportunity.

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Bain & Company selected PJS as subject matter experts to identify opportunities for travel efficiencies, including:

  • Implementation of a strategic sourcing framework for team and league executive travel

  • Development of risk mitigations and supplier performance management with coverage by a dedicated Safety Management System

  • Increased communications efficiencies using web-based portal technology, allowing teams to seamlessly communicate roster changes, schedule updates, meal planning, transportation needs and billing in real time

  • Contingency planning for increasing notification time frames of potential delays, such as for inclement weather or air traffic congestion

  • Implementation of a Charter Air Transportation Manual, customized for each team to capture and cater to the unique needs of each organization.

By setting aside competitive rivalries and with a thorough supply market analysis, participating teams saw significant travel program savings in addition to eliminating pain points. In lieu of each team relying on its own staff to learn and navigate complex travel planning, the use of a professional travel resource generated program improvements, including increased safety, simplified ordering and better financial reporting. By looking beyond incumbent suppliers, developing stringent criteria for supplier selection and implementing supplier performance management controls, these teams had a 20% reduction in per-hour flight costs and improved on-time performance. Overall, in the 2017-18 season, teams participating in the program saved 31% compared to other NHL teams, while enjoying a dedicated aircraft and crew at no added cost.

Cost savings aside, making small adjustments and sharing process data among
participating teams led to:

  • Improved communications

  • Transparency in relation to each team’s challenges

  • More choices with the implementation of contingency planning

  • Fewer surprises and an overall reduction in stress for travel management departments


An NHL team had chartered with five different providers over as many years. Every year they were forced to “reinvent the wheel” with their crew, the dispatchers and the changing
airport staff.

Prior to chartering, they used a dedicated aircraft, but this came at a huge cost. With the team’s minimal flight hours, the aircraft often sat unused, creating endless mechanical issues and no backup aircraft.

They had also previously used a larger fleet that did not offer a dedicated aircraft. However, a coach-configured aircraft frequently showed up with no advanced notice when a VIP configuration was part of the agreement.

In short, the team needed a dedicated service model without the exorbitant price tag.

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The NHL team contacted PJS to explore its options. PJS identified several areas where the team could improve its aviation experience, including:

  • Bulk purchasing power
  • Dedicated in-flight service
  • VIP aircraft guarantee
  • Contingency fleet


PJS provided charter access to a fleet of identical aircraft dedicated to its professional sports clients, all of which were in the same VIP configuration, ensuring no risk of coach seating. PJS also provided the NHL team with a dedicated crew and Flight Concierge to guarantees consistent service. All members of the team, including coaches and management staff, had their favorite drink and snack waiting at their seat prior to boarding.

PJS created a dedicated service model and offered identical contingency aircraft in the chance of mechanical issues while greatly reducing the team’s annual travel overhead.

A midwest-based university made an exciting deal to move into a larger athletic conference resulting in its teams traveling greater distances to unfamiliar cities and airports. The athletic department had limited time to analyze the viable alternatives and identify options that offered the most reliable, yet cost-effective solution to set up a comprehensive travel schedule.

lp college

PJS consulted with the university and provided four viable options for each sport’s specific needs:

  • Using a 30-seat regional aircraft for all flights

  • Using a 50-seat regional aircraft for all flights

  • Using a 65-seat business class configured aircraft for all flights

  • Using a blend of 30-seat, 50-seat and 65-seat aircraft on a per trip and per team basis

The university chose option four because it offered all teams the ability to adjust based on each specific travel event
. By having a variety of aircraft at their disposal, the university was able to utilize the 30-seat aircraft for shorter distances, for smaller teams like volleyball or travel using shorter runways. The 50-seat aircraft made sense for a majority of basketball travel, and the 65-seat aircraft for when donors and boosters traveled with the team.

In addition to the cost savings, teams saved time due to less ground travel to and from airports, fewer overnights in hotels and less flight time by flying direct. Also, the university gained an academic advantage, as students used time on the charter flights as study hall and missed fewer classes.



A major-label talent was asked to be part of a late-night show to promote her upcoming album release. While she did not want to pass up the opportunity, she had a music video shoot the next day in a remote Mexican cultural site. The site had also granted special permissions to film under a limited, unmovable deadline. Even if the town would reissue the variance for the shoot, the cost to reschedule and reship staging and equipment would well surpass the shoot’s budget.

The closest commercial airport was a five-hour drive from the shoot location, and the limited commercial flights would not get her to her destination until well past the deadline.

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The talent’s management team contacted PJS looking for a seemingly impossible solution. PJS worked with Mexican Customs and airport authorities to extend the local airport’s curfew for the talent’s arrival at 3 AM local time. With just two hours’ notice, PJS located an aircraft with minimal positioning required and a crew standing by.

PJS arranged a police escort to bring the talent from her late night appearance to the private FBO, where she boarded her aircraft and was en route to her destination within one hour of the show’s completion. Touching down at the small private airport just one hour from the shoot, PJS had a local twin-engine helicopter standing by to bring the talent directly to the site. She arrived by 8 AM and was able to complete her music video and meet the deadline.

Global Reach. Local Presence.

Private Jet Services is the single largest Air Charter Consulting Firm based in North America. Located just north of Boston, our 24-hour flight operations center coordinates a network of employees and agents working in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as at home in the Americas.

PJS supports our clients by either placing staff on each flight or having our agents physically meet each departure and arrival. Our team remains on standby notice to move our clients around the world safely, quickly and comfortably. We are proud to fly some of the most recognizable individuals and innovative corporations in the world with over 220 corporate clients alone spanning more than 100 countries across the globe.

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We Understand The Success Of Your Business Is Non-Negotiable

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