Membership Redefined: Private Jet Services Launches PJS Private Client

Membership Redefined: Private Jet Services Launches PJS Private Client

Miami, FL (August 15, 2023) Private Jet Services, an Elevate Aviation Group company, today announced the launch of PJS Private Client, a service designed for experienced flyers who value time, simplicity, and transparency in booking private travel without restrictions and hidden fees. PJS Private Client is free from membership fees, with funds in a JPMorgan Chase escrow account.

“The old paradigm, marred by hidden costs, flawed business models, and restrictions, no longer serves the refined sensibilities of today’s discerning high-net-worth individual,” said Jon Reed, Chief Sales Officer.

As private aviation undergoes pivotal shifts, the call for an unyielding commitment to excellence and integrity within the sector intensifies. PJS has answered with a service that features without membership fees, free of interchange fees, dedicated account management, daily catering credit and guaranteed aircraft availability.

“A refundable minimum deposit of $100,000 is held in an escrow account with JPMorgan Chase, ensuring utmost security. Furthermore, each client is granted guaranteed availability of aircraft. The model forgoes the constraints of membership and interchange fees, placing the client’s desires at the forefront, ” noted Reed.

PJS Private Client’s dedicated account management team is not just a bridge to private travel; they are trusted allies, ensuring every journey transcends expectations, marrying precision with unparalleled personalization with customized pricing and options on each unique itinerary.

“Beyond travel, our PJS Private Client offering encompasses advisory services, ranging from meticulous aircraft management and acquisition/disposition guidance to large group charter coordination, incentive travel arrangements, and the formulation of decisive emergency/evacuation response plans,” remarked Randy McKinney, President of Elevate Aviation Group.

For individuals seeking a journey free of inefficiencies and uncertainties, PJS Private Client awaits. It is not merely a service but an experience, promising unparalleled luxury, transparency, and efficiency.  Visit for more information.