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6 Little-Known Benefits of Private Aviation

Interest in private aviation has soared in the past couple of years as people find themselves with increased resources coupled with pandemic-related health concerns. As a result, the benefits of flying private have been well...

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Safety Culture Teamwork

How Good Is Your Safety Culture? Building A Just Culture

What is culture? The values and behaviors that contribute to an organization’s unique social and psychological environment. The ultimate test of an organization’s success is its people’s day-to-day behaviors.  To instill this type of behavior...

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Music Venues Off The Beaten Path

As band managers and talent agents know, a venue can make or break a concert. That is why you choose carefully when arranging your musicians’ tour schedule. A beautiful setting or a venue brimming with...

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Where PJS Is Flying For Holiday 2021

While many of the corporations, sports teams and entertainers that we work with continue year-round with mission-critical flights, PJS is also here for the downtime — when the mission-critical priorities become relaxation, exploration and time...

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How To Be A Great Leader

Some say great leaders are born. We say great leaders are made. There are many different types of leaders and leadership styles. While it’s important to find your own style, there are many qualities of...

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Getting To The Big Game In Style

You kick back on the couch with a bowl of chips and your favorite beverage at your side, ready for the big game. You are excited, but something is missing. Then, on television, you see...

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What Is Duty Of Care And Why It Is Important

According to Cornell’s Legal Information Institute, officially, duty of care is: “The principle that directors and officers of a corporation in making all decisions in their capacities as corporate fiduciaries must act in the same...

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Safety Policy – What You Need To Know

By Matt Dubois — PJS Chief of Staff & Director of Safety What is an aviation safety policy?  A formal safety policy is the guiding star of an aviation safety program. It outlines all the...

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letter from ceo

A Letter From Our CEO – October 2021

I begin this month’s letter with a new sense of appreciation for the dedicated professionals at PJS. Over the past few months, we have spoken many times about the unexpected growth and historic demand within...

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