About Private Jet Services Group


Private Jet Services group grew out of a passion for flying. We started from a New Hampshire base, and flipped the standard aviation model on its head to provide a consultancy aviation approach with an inherent dedication to detail. That was back in 2003, and this personalized local approach is still a core tenet of our business. We work 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, ever-ready to dispatch aircraft or fast-track a commercial carrier for your needs. There will always be an experienced consultant available to assist in trip planning or respond to any mission-critical situation.

Flying isn’t a challenge when you’re an expert. By delivering integrated and innovative aviation solutions, we take care of both the big plans and the minute details, tailoring every aspect of air travel to your exacting needs. Our approach combines the exclusivity of your own jet with the flexibility of an entire fleet.

The global aviation marketplace is filled with many options and solutions. What works for another isn’t necessarily right for you, and nor should it be. Private Jet Services Group offers a unique consultancy approach, using over a decade of experience to handcraft individualized solutions for every client. It’s a method that consistently delivers choice and value for a wide range of global clients.


Personalized consultancy allows us to fully tailor every aspect of your aviation experience. Our proactive approach ensures that we always have one or two contingency plans in place. If travel plans change, we have pre-vetted aircraft ready to go. We are always one step ahead with an efficient solution available at a moment’s notice.



Private Jet Service’s Group has just finished the design and build of our new Flight Operations Center. Our team has all the advanced tools to track and monitor all flights. They are consistently watching over up-to-the minute weather patterns and projections, locations of relocated jets, and constantly following and monitoring all actions, keeping in touch with the FBO, ensuring your trip runs smoothly.


I just wanted to pass along a note to you complimenting your whole team’s handling of my charter. It was perfect in every way and I always was updated all along. I bet you hear this all the time that you are very fortunate to have that team representing your company.