Dassault Falcon 2000/2000X

Dassault Falcon 2000/2000X

Sharing many of the same redeeming qualities that the original 2000 has, the 2000EX strives to improve upon range and cabin spaciousness. With a pair of even more powerful jet engines, the 2000EX is able to travel a staggering 4,300 miles without needing a fuel stop. The cabin has been expanded as well, now even longer and wider, passengers will have even more space to relax in.

Cabin Dimensions

Height: 6′ 2″
Width: 7′ 8″
Length: 31′


Belted Seats: 9-13

NBAA Range

Max Hours: 6
Max Distance: 3,378 nm

Cruising Speed

520 mph

Luggage Capacity

131+ cubic feet