Light Jet Beechjet 400a

Light Jet Beechjet 400a

The Beechjet 400A has a long, distinguished heritage stretching back to the 1980s as a favorite in the light jet class. Luxury, ease of operation, and features such as its roomy cabin, signature leather seating for up to 7 passengers, beautiful woodwork, plenty of large well-placed windows, and speed to cover 1000+ miles in 3 hours puts the Beechjet 400A at the top of its class.

Cabin Dimensions

Height: 4′ 9″
Width: 4′ 11″
Length: 15′ 6″


Belted Seats: 7

NBAA Range

Max Hours: 2.5 – 3
Max Distance: 9,00 – 1,200 nm

Cruising Speed

450 – 490 mph

Luggage Capacity

53 cubic feet