Boeing 767-300 VIP

Boeing 767-300 VIP exterior

This luxury aircraft is configured with 96 over sized, tan leather seats, all lie flat beds, spacious aisles, and unheard of overhead room. Conducive to getting up and walking around, this aircraft is perfect for a social setting where passengers can mingle and enjoy appetizers. Flying with a minimum of six VIP flight attendants on board, gourmet catering […]

Boeing 767-200 VIP

boeing 767

This customized VIP B767 aircraft has a 10+ hour range and is equipped with comfortable dual aisle (2-2-2 configuration) seating. The Nu-look Ergo interior features 102 modern, leather seats with 60-inch pitch and extended head height. Maximum 156° recline provides the highest level of comfort for restful sleep during flight. This aircraft also offers the latest in […]

Airbus A319 VIP

aircraft taking off

This Airbus A319 is part of a small fleet of VIP configured aircraft largely dedicated to team travel. With a VIP 54 seat configuration, including club tables (26 business and 28 first class), this aircraft is also ideal for your corporate meeting or incentive program. Extend your trip by using the time en route to […]

Boeing 737-500 VIP

exterior starboard view on ground on runway

The VIP-configured Boeing 737-500 is engineered for better efficiency and speed than its predecessors.  With a luxurious and quiet, 56 all-first-class passenger cabin and nearly six hours of range, it is the perfect choice for travel between any points in the US and Hawaii, Canada, the Caribbean, and beyond.

Boeing 737-300 VIP

jet on runway exterior

Regardless of which configuration makes sense for your project, your guests will enjoy roomy, luxurious, deeply-reclining premium seating with plentiful legroom, wide aisles, and power outlets for personal electronics. Catering Premium meal service is entirely customizable with unlimited upscale options served by highly professional in-flight personnel. PJS will work with you to design a custom […]

Boeing 767-200 VIP

boeing-767-200 exterior

The unique combination of features onboard the VIP B757 offer maximum comfort, convenience, and safety for its 50 passengers. This aircraft has it all: a brand-new, onboard stateroom and large private en-suite provide VIP comfort and privacy, while the onboard Wi-Fi network offers passengers the ability to stay connected at all times, from anywhere in the […]

Boeing 737-800 VIP

Boeing 737-800 VIP exterior

Between the LED Mood Lighting, Hand Stitched Diamond Quilted Hides, Deluxe Wool Carpets, and the absolute latest generation In-Flight Wifi system (gogo ATG-8000), this VIP B737-800 is brand new to the market and offers 66 first class and 10 coach class seat configuration. This is the only aircraft flying in the US with carbon fiber […]

Boeing 737-700 VIP

jet on runway

Boeing’s 737-700 is the most fuel-efficient airliner in its class. The VIP configured 737-700 is spacious, extra-quiet, and loaded with amenities such as Wi-Fi and in-seat power outlets. When flying in one of its 64 deeply-reclining first class seats and enjoying impeccable meal service, you won’t want your flight to end.

Boeing 737-400 VIP

jet on runway exterior

Boeing 737s are the most reliable airliners in the world. When outfitted with a 68-seat VIP interior, air travel is elevated to a new level with the luxurious, deeply-reclining seats, plentiful legroom, wide aisles, and power outlets for personal electronics. With nearly five hours of range, the 737-400 can fly non-stop to most points in the […]