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Since 2003, PJS has delivered mission-critical air transportation services to family offices, C-suite executives, HNW individuals, multinational corporations, professional sports teams, presidential candidates and many of the world’s most prominent musical acts. This varied clientele share in common their confidence in PJS to deliver air travel logistics safely and consistently, thereby enabling our travelers to focus on what matters most — running their business.

With nearly 20 years of aviation experience, PJS has successfully navigated numerous financial cycles, economic shifts and priorities. As such, we leverage our expertise to provide consultancy and customized aviation solutions to a long list of wealth advisors. Our goal is to be a partner for advisors to lean on when their clients need resources.

The following materials provide an overview of our flexible and innovative product offerings and how we assure the highest safety standards available in the industry.

PJS offers a unique consultancy approach to help navigate the private aviation marketplace and identify the best means of private aviation and ROI for individuals, corporations and advisors under a wide range of scenarios.

On-Demand Charter

While there are hundreds of providers with varying levels of quality, safety and inventory, PJS offers on-demand charter services that streamline and elevate air travel logistics with the highest level of service. PJS offers 24/7/365 support and access to our Flight Concierge and Flight Operations Center for all charter clients. With a thorough examination of a client’s needs (aircraft size, type, frequency of travel, destination, other preferences) PJS can help determine the best option for each traveler.

Aircraft Advisory

PJS’ advisory services are personalized, agile and responsive to meet each client’s private aviation transportation needs. Tap into a deep well of expertise, knowledge and global reach to help fully-inform decisions about aircraft ownership. PJS provides a dedicated aviation advisor to be each client’s single-point access to the entire range of aviation consultancy options related to operations, valuation, acquisition, maintenance and sale of aviation interests.

Whole Ownership

Outright ownership is a major decision even for experienced private travelers. PJS works closely with wealth advisors to assess client needs and explore all relevant operational, tax, accounting, regulatory, country and risk management issues. We design an appropriate aircraft solution to meet each mission and then access the market to acquire an aircraft that perfectly aligns with that profile. PJS always acts in its clients’ best interests, saving time and money.

Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership presents the opportunity to own a share of an aircraft while limiting direct responsibility and required oversight of the aircraft. The fractional provider operating the fleet handles all responsibilities. PJS avises on the pros and cons of fractional ownership while weighing it against all other options.

Aircraft Finance & Leasing

Our team applies a hands-on approach to aviation finance with professionalism and a highly confidential touch. We work closely with managers and advisors to assess your needs and explore all relevant tax and accounting concerns. PJS then designs an appropriate finance structure and secures the most advantageous transaction on your behalf. PJS also provides a financing or lease structure tailored to each client’s specific financial parameters.

Aircraft Valuation

Our approach is to marry practical, hands-on industry experience with objective analysis, smart thinking, and tapping into our top-level industry relationships. PJS assists clients and aircraft owners by monitoring and providing private jet aircraft valuations. All of our appraisals are USPAP compliant and performed by an accredited Senior Aircraft Appraiser by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) Service.

Aircraft Management

From infrastructure to staffing, PJS fully manages all tasks that come with an asset to maximize and preserve aircraft value and cost of operations under Part 135 and Part 91. PJS finds customized and optimal solutions for each aircraft owner and mission. PJS also handles all fees and conformity processes with FAA approvals, insurance, maintenance and crew training.

Private Jet Ser vices (PJS) acts as an agent for its clients in negotiating and facilitating transpor tation with duly licensed Direct Air Carriers. PJS is an agent for Elevate Jet, LLC (FA A# 3LJA98 30) and Air Chathams Limited (CA A# AOC2688 3). PJS is not a Direct Air Carrier and does not operate aircraft.