PJS Specializes in Complex Routing for Campaigns

PJS Specializes in Complex Routing for Campaigns

As the march to Super Tuesday continues, Private Jet Services (PJS) is dedicated to providing unsurpassed aviation solutions no matter your affiliation. Since  2003, PJS has specialized in complex routing logistics working with the United States Secret Service (USSS), press outlets, campaign staff, airport authorities, and crew scheduling requirements, leapfrogging crews in anticipation of future needs all while remaining cost-effective as candidates view travel as necessary.

Campaign schedules can and will change at a moment’s notice. PJS remains on standby to deliver unparalleled flexibility to ensure that constituents are never waiting. Stadiums filled with tens of thousands of people mean that planning begins long before you set foot on an aircraft. PJS’s Flight Operations Center (FOC) uses the most advanced tools to track and monitor all flights, including up-to-the minutes weather patterns and projections, NOTAMS, TFRs, and airport congestions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

In fact, solving complex travel itineraries lies at the heart of our solutions. Personalized consultancy allows us to fully tailor every aspect of your aviation experience, even when travel plans change. Our proactive approach ensures we always have an overview of the availability of pre-vetted aircraft across the world. So when plans change, we’re already one step ahead offering an efficient solution at a moment’s notice.

PJS is proud to announce that along with supporting the 2020 campaigns,  PJS has pledged to give back to the environment. Instead of seeing those hard-raised dollars being spent on jet fuel that contributes to the growing carbon emissions produced by aviation, PJS has initiated a PJS Carbon Neutrality Pledge. This Pledge is a commitment to offset 100% of the carbon emissions generated by our flights, and the 2020 Campaign Flights will follow suit. PJS has become America’s First Carbon Neutral Private Aviation Company.

With experience supporting the nominees and press in the 2016 election, PJS is always looking ahead to ensure seamless coordination of all details, big and small. No matter the trip, PJS can customize a multi-city itinerary that works for the campaign.

PJS is exclusively offering the Falcon 7X and Embraer 135 for campaign travel. Both aircraft have additional legroom space with precision handling capabilities making them ideal for campaign travel.

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