Top Places to go for 2020 M&I Trips

Top Places to go for 2020 M&I Trips

As 2020 begins to settle in, Meeting and Incentive agencies, as well as corporations, are partnering with Private Jet Services in planning for annual incentive trips to various luxury locations around the globe. Don’t miss out on these top trending locations for 2020, according to Conde Nast Traveler:

Athens, Greece

Athens Greece

Famous for its art and architecture, Athens houses some of the most prominent and historic ruins. Sights like the famous Acropolis, ancient agora, and Temple of Zeus must be on your list. In addition to the site-seeing, the south side of Athens has breathtaking beaches and views for relaxation.

Big Island, Hawaii

big island of Hawaii

Known for its incredible natural attractions, especially the volcanoes, Big Island has much to offer its guests. Big Island is the largest island in the United States and is lined with beaches to suit everyone’s needs. Hiking, kayaking, and steam-pools are just a few of the popular attractions available.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Whether it’s the culture or the nightlife that you’re seeking, San Juan has it all. From beautiful graffiti-filled walls to restaurants galore, you can surely find it here. In addition, Puerto Rico’s El Yunque National Forest — the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. national forest system– is easily accessible.

Why Partner with PJS

Working with some of the most highly-regarded, luxury resorts and hotels, Private Jet Services creates unforgettable, highly customized travel solutions for all types of groups.

PJS specializes in mission-critical projects that require a level of sophistication, service, and quality that is rarely found in the aviation market. Whether the travel need requires daily movements of hundreds of employees from multiple points-of-origin or a single movement of a high-value team, we find ways to make each trip a success.

In addition to the deep experience by the PJS team, PJS offers:

  1. Global Platform – unlimited access to aircraft, globally.
  2. Safety and Operational Excellence – With $500MM in additional insurance and a zero-incident history,  PJS provides a level of safety that far surpasses industry standards.
  3. Contingency Planning – PJS always has at least two contingency plans at the ready should any unforeseen changes occur.
  4. Time efficiency – PJS streamlines travel logistics to ensure that guests arrive relaxed and refreshed – ready to maximize time and spend on the property.

See how your organization could benefit from a private aviation partner by downloading the Private Jet Services guide to Meetings & Incentive Travel, or by contacting PJS today.