Proactive Planning for Emergency Lift

Proactive Planning for Emergency Lift

Global pandemics, natural disasters, health emergencies, pilot strikes, and other unpredictable factors can greatly impact the safety, lives, and livelihoods of travelers. No one plans for an emergency to occur, but when one happens, having an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in place is critical for companies and individuals alike. An ERP allows companies to act quickly and efficiently when an event takes place, ensuring the safety of employees and minimizing the impact on business productivity. Whether employees are traveling for business, or the organization is operating from multiple staffed locations, having an effective ERP for air transportation fulfills duty-of-care obligations and prepares companies for future safety challenges. 

With collective 300+ years of aviation experience, PJS has the expertise and resources necessary to respond quickly and effectively to any event. We work with full-time medical teams and first responders to provide emergency evacuation and continuity of care needed in the event of any emergency. Security and business departments skilled in risk management regularly call on PJS for help in developing emergency response plans. PJS’ ERP services include establishing an initial emergency plan and making periodic assessments to ensure the ERP remains the best plan for the client.

The effectiveness of an emergency evacuation is directly related to the amount of forethought and planning that precedes an urgent situation. Download the PJS Emergency Response Brochure to learn more about how PJS helps our clients plan for a safe and streamlined emergency lift. 

Leverage the collective experience and expertise at PJS to create an ERP today. Only PJS has the experience and bench strength to build an ERP aviation program and deliver in exigent circumstances. If unforeseen circumstances arise, have a plan in place.

When every minute matters, count on PJS to respond at a moment’s notice. Contact us to create a seamless, safe, and efficient ERP. Save everything, for the cost of putting a pen to paper.