Private Jet Services Announces New Jet Card Partner

Private Jet Services Announces New Jet Card Partner

Private Jet Services Group (PJS), a Boston-based private aviation solutions provider, has announced its marketing partnership with Thos. Moser of Auburn Maine, another New England-based company that creates and designs handmade American furniture. Although these two companies are in completely different industries, their approach and dedication to delivering excellence was the foundation that brought them together.

PJS strives to deliver customized aviation solutions, tailoring every aspect of air travel to the client’s exacting needs. PJS believes that what works for one client isn’t necessarily right for another, nor should it be. PJS offers a unique consultancy approach, leveraging over fifteen years of experience to handcraft individualized solutions for each client.  This meticulous attention to detail is shared by the craftsmen of Thos. Moser.

Thos. Moser began in 1972 with the intent of restoring the lost art of fine woodworking by making unique, handmade furniture. The craftsmen take pride in their work and proudly accept that excellence in simplicity is their top priority. One designer, one-piece, one-of-a-kind furniture.

Greg Raiff, the CEO of Private Jet Services (PJS), sought out Thos. Moser as a partner because their mission and philosophy resemble that of PJS: unique, customized and truly one of a kind. “The amount of time put into creating each piece of furniture, the detailed nature of their work, and the astonishing final product will take your breath away. That is exactly the foundation that PJS was built upon. PJS is proud to partner with another New England company that shares the same obsessive attention to detail.” 

Peter Mattila, Senior Business Development Officer for Thos. Moser was thrilled when PJS presented a marketing partnership opportunity. “Having carefully built a business over many years, agreeing to any partnership is a consideration we take very seriously.  Our partners must be an extension of our brand and PJS is just that. The reputation of PJS, their level of customer service and the passion they have for delivering excellence made it an easy decision. This relationship is one we are very much looking forward to.”

PJS Jet Card Members can experience the Thos. Moser workshop in Auburn, Maine, or arrange to have a piece delivered to the tarmac at Lewiston-Auburn Airport. Flyers who plan on staying in the area are welcome to join the Customer in Residence (CIR) program and build their own piece of custom furniture alongside a Thos. Moser craftsman.  PJS Jet Card Members will receive $300 off their first order. 

PJS continues to evolve and provide a variety of partnerships for the Jet Card Program in order to meet the ever-growing needs of its clients. Whether it is handmade furniture, curated experiences or discounted ski passes, the PJS Jet Card Program has added benefits to meet your needs.

About PJS

Private Jet Services (PJS) is a privately held aviation consultancy and air solutions provider founded in 2003. In addition to its acclaimed Jet Card Program, PJS provides mission-critical air services to multinational corporations, professional and collegiate sports teams, presidential candidates, government agencies and many of the world’s largest musical acts. The PJS culture is built upon a deep passion for aviation and obsessive attention to detail. Leveraging these strengths, the PJS team delivers a level of service and safety unmatched in the industry.

About Thos. Moser

Thos. Moser was founded more than 45 years ago with the intent of restoring the lost art of making furniture well. Today there are some 70 men and women in our workshop who continue to craft pieces the same way we did at the beginning: one-piece, one craftsman, one signature. We rely on sustainable North American hardwoods, traditional joinery executed by hand and individual workmanship. We are guided by our mission to build furniture that celebrates the natural beauty of wood; is of simple, unadorned, graceful lines; and is crafted for long useful life.