Private Jet Memberships Benefit All

Private Jet Memberships Benefit All

There are many ways to fly privately, most commonly on-demand charter and even fractional or outright jet ownership. Behind it all, flying under the radar, jet memberships exist to bolster the benefits of privately flying. 

These types of memberships offer the most flexibility and value in the industry. For example, a Private Jet Services Membership gives flyers the option of paying actual versus estimated flight time, guaranteed access to aircraft 365 days a year, and all-inclusive pricing.

Private jet memberships benefit all types of travelers in more ways than one. From Fortune 500 companies to the frequent wanderluster, the perks abound. We have thought of a few below. Where do you fall? 

For The Corporate Flyer:

  • Productivity & Flexibility

Book a flight with minimal effort and notice, often within a window as little as 10 hours before desired flight time. With little time to spare, there is no need to worry about choosing a curated aircraft. Membership ensures that you always receive a quality aircraft without hunting for the best “value.” As an executive always on the go and with last-minute meetings a way of life, a jet membership provides optimal time flexibility that travelers can not find anywhere else. 

  • Budget Predictability

Every penny counts when it comes to managing a profitable business. There are never any surprise fees and fixed rates on all flights with a jet membership, making managing expenses easier and budgeting a breeze. 

For Jet Owners:

  • Supplemental Lift

You are now a private jet owner, but your aircraft is undergoing maintenance and you need to fly cross country tomorrow. That large group of twenty you want to fly to Cabo for your 40th birthday — your jet only carries six passengers. When your jet is unavailable, you may often find yourself in need of an alternative private travel option rather than relying on commercial air travel. Holding a jet membership for “supplemental lift” on-demand travel provides the same type of flexibility and limitless freedom of private jet ownership whenever backup is required. 

For The Wannabe Jet Owner: 

  • A More Secure Commitment

Owning a private jet has its appeal and allure of eliteness — a status symbol of convenience, safety, and premier service. But as with most things in life, there are two sides to everything. The glamorous comes with the not-so-glam. Consider the hassle of maintenance, the time commitment, the management, and the hefty price tag. Alternatively, a jet membership can still make all your dreams come true and comes with the value of accessibility without the cost of a large capital outlay, recurring management cost, or time investment. Fly just as often to where you want and when you want. 

For The Leisure Traveler:

  • Beyond Personalization 

Like your favorite restaurant or hotel that you frequent, consistently chartering under a membership from the same brokerage or company allows that company to deeply know your preferences providing a white glove, luxury experience on all occasions. Imagine your favorite champagne, steak, or newspaper always waiting without request.   

  • Rate & Availability Guarantee 

No matter where or when you want to fly, including the most in-demand holidays, membership in most cases guarantees aircraft availability 365 days per year. Alternatively, on-demand charters without memberships can be more limited during holiday times and rates can spike without notice. 

Want to learn more about a private jet membership and whether or not one is for you? Read more here or reach out to us today.