Private Jetting Around The World With PJS – Botswana

Private Jetting Around The World With PJS – Botswana

Located right above South Africa, Botswana is at the top of PJS’ must-visit destinations. Covered mainly by the Kalahari Desert and interrupted by the Okavango Delta, visitors to Botswana will find deep lagoons, rugged hills, and an abundance of African wildlife. This tranquil haven creates an unforgettable cultural experience bound to impress.

Keep reading for our top reasons why Botswana is a non-negotiable destination and reach out here to take advantage of PJS and Wilderness Safaris’ exclusive Botswana itinerary by booking directly.


1. The Okavango Delta 

Situated in northwestern Botswana, the Okavango Delta is a World Heritage Site and the world’s largest inland delta. Floodwaters create this unspoiled area and form beautifully meandering waterways and lagoons that support a wealth of plants and wildlife. 

2. Mokoro Rides 

The best way to navigate the intricacies of the Okavango Delta is to travel via mokoro — a slender canoe pushed with a pole by an oarsman who stands at the boat’s stern. The mokoro can navigate the most shallow waters and moves stealthily enough to allow riders to view unsuspecting wildlife undisturbed. Traditionally, Mokoros come from carved-out tree trunks, but today they are commonly made of fiberglass for conservation purposes.

3. Luxury Tourism

 Botswana is a tourism-based country that focuses heavily on exclusivity, attracting the rare traveler willing to spend on finer luxuries and visiting more remote areas of the country. This effort helps Botswana avoid large crowds of tourists and upholds its serene, natural wildlife experience. Many hotels and lodges are only accessible by small plane or private transport, which is one reason why PJS partners with Wilderness Safaris. When booking a PJS + Wilderness Safaris custom itinerary, we include all charter flights and transfers between local destinations as part of the package.

4. Rare Wildlife

 The most elusive and endangered wildlife roam Botswana. Wild dogs and hyena inhabit the Northern Linyanti region, the black-maned Kalahari lion owns the plains, and a variety of antelope species (sitatunga, puku, and red lechwe) prance freely. A visit to Botswana practically guarantees elephant sightings. Botswana is also home to the world’s second-largest zebra migration, where up to 25,000 zebra move through the Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pan National Parks at the beginning of the rainy season. At Wilderness Safaris’ Mombo Camp, vast concentrations of plains game regularly gather in front of camp. Stay here and you may see a variety of animals without leaving your deck.

5. Jwaneng Mines

 Botswana recently hit the news circuits for becoming home to what is suspected to be the third-largest gemstone ever mined — a 1,098-carat diamond. Diamonds are nothing new to Botswana’s economy. Since the 1980s, Botswana has been the world’s largest producer of diamonds and the world’s richest diamond mine is the Jwaneng mines. Guests to Botswana can take a rare tour of the mine and see how diamonds are unearthed produced.

6. Fantastic Food  

 Last but not least, the food cannot be beaten. Fill your belly post-safari with Botswana’s local delicacies, including goat meat stew, Pap (porridge made from maize meal), Vetkoek (stuffed deep-fried dough), or the popular Seswaa (a traditional meat dish made of shredded beef).  

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