Why Entertainers Need Private Jet Charters: 4 Key Reasons

Why Entertainers Need Private Jet Charters: 4 Key Reasons

Perhaps one of the best-known users of the private jet charters are touring musicians and live entertainers. There’s obviously a good reason for this, as utilizing private aviation is a great way to add flexibility to a changing tour schedule. Below we’ve outlined some of the big reasons why private jet charter is a must for the live entertainment industry.

1. Change itinerary as often as necessary. Any artist or tour manager knows just how often a jam-packed tour schedule can change. When you fly privately, you can change your dates as often as needed and get you to your destination faster than you ever would when flying commercial. Even better? You can even hit those super small towns on your schedule, without having to sit through an hour-long commute from the airport once you get there since a private jet will be able to fly into a much smaller airport.

2. Avoid airport delays. When you fly privately, you’ll never have to worry about showing up at the airport 2+ hours ahead of your flight. There’s no waiting and no long lines at security, so you just breeze through the FBO terminal and head straight out to your plane. When it comes to those dreaded weather delays, a private jet is also more likely to be able to get you off the ground (and out of the weather) much faster than a commercial plane.

3. Bring all of your equipment. There aren’t any baggage limits when you fly privately, this means you can take all of your stuff (and your entourage’s) with you on the plane. The only limit is the plane’s cargo capacity. So, pack all of the stuff you need – this includes your golf clubs and even your dog. Yep, they’re welcome too.

4. Travel in total privacy. The overwhelming crowds that you have come to expect from airports, especially on peak travel days, are a thing of the past when you opt for a private jet charter. Your entire trip can be completed in total privacy. In some cases, your ground transportation can even pull up on the tarmac alongside your plane, so your identity and those of your passengers are always protected.