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You are deciding how to get your team to the game, which matters more now than ever. That chosen mode of transportation affects arrival time, team morale and has a significant impact on health and safety of your players.

PJS has decades of experience flying champions from the NHL and MLS to several top-tier NCAA teams. With each flight, we tailor the experience to your team and work closely with you to solve for your exact use case. 

Our two favorite Pro and NCAA case studies showcase just how far we will go for your mission-critical needs. 

Fill out the form for access to these two case studies and learn more about how PJS supports private team travel of all sizes and budgets.

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PJS exists to solve airline charter logistics with dedication and passion. The global aviation marketplace is filled with various options and solutions. What works for one group is not necessarily right for another, nor should it be. PJS offers a unique consultancy approach, using over fifteen years of experience to chart individualized solutions for each client. This method consistently delivers choice, value and peace of mind for a wide range of scenarios. 


Private Jet Services Group recently finished the design and build of its new Flight Operations Center. Our team has all the advanced tools to track and monitor all flights. They are consistently watching over up-to-the-minute weather patterns and projections, locations of relocated jets and constantly following and monitoring all actions, keeping in touch with the FBO and ensuring your trip runs smoothly.