A Day In The Life Of A Private Jet Pilot: Chief Pilot Joe Naughton

Private jet pilot with businesswoman

This week we caught up with Elevate Holdings Chief Pilot Joe Naughton to hear what a day in his life as a private jet pilot is like, what he loves most about flying and how changes within the industry, such as the current pilot shortage, are affecting his role.  Here is a peek into our […]

How To Not Have Your Jet Tracked Like Elon Musk

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Over the years, there have been several instances where the private flights of high-profile individuals have been tracked, such as soccer star Lionel Messi’s private flight from his former club Barcelona to his new employer Paris Saint-Germain by almost 120,000 people. And just this past week, a 19-year old college student tracked the movements of […]

Solutions For Aviation Talent Management — What Can We Do?

Aviation Talent Pilot

By Matt Dubois — Chief of Staff & Director of Safety This is not our normal Safety blog post; however, solving the problem of aviation talent management does have a direct bearing on the safety of our industry. Historically, the war for talent has been particularly hard-fought in aviation. Shortages are predicted for several years […]

How To Be A Great Leader


Some say great leaders are born. We say great leaders are made. There are many different types of leaders and leadership styles. While it’s important to find your own style, there are many qualities of leaders throughout history that have stood the test of time. While we will view some of these qualities through the […]

Weighing Fractional Shares vs. On-demand Charter — The Pros and Cons

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The private jet industry is changing. We are sitting at the tail end of a global pandemic where travel of nearly all kinds halted and then took a swift upturn in recent months. This increase in demand has spurred a severe industry-wide private jet shortage, making it one of the most important times to understand […]

Happy Veterans Day from PJS — Thank you for your service!

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By Matt Dubois — Chief of Staff & Directory of Safety Please join me on a detour from our monthly safety-related post as I take a moment to discuss Veterans Day and the Veterans that walk among us. Veterans Day is a time to honor those who have served in uniform, wrote a blank check […]

BLOG: Sustaining Environmental Change From The 2020 Pandemic

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The slowdown of human activity for the better part of 2020 brought us a glimpse of what could happen when we change our habits and reduce our carbon footprint.  Beginning early February 2020, air and car travel decreased significantly, meaning less fossil fuel production from vehicles. Businesses closed or operated with reduced hours, lowering carbon […]

BLOG: Flying Private Can Help Relieve Stress For Business Travelers

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April is National Stress Awareness Month, an annual campaign that has been running since 1992 to bring awareness to and combat this physical, mental or emotional ailment that plagues so many lives. According to the American Institute of Stress, “33 percent of Americans live with extreme stress [and] 73 percent of people have stress that […]

BLOG: Avoiding Private Jet Charter Cancelation 

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Have you ever had your private jet charter canceled or diverted? Anyone who travels can relate to canceled or delayed flights. And if you never experienced a canceled flight before 2020, you likely have in the past year. On March 18, 2020, U.S. commercial airlines canceled approximately 11 percent of scheduled flights. That number rose […]

A New Year Takes Flight

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Together, we welcome 2021. The last ten months, beyond a doubt, have been a time of growth. As I look back on our period of quarantine and the obstacles that air travel navigated and now, forward to what is to come, I recognize that we also have much to celebrate. The Private Jet Services team […]