BLOG: Avoiding Private Jet Charter Cancelation 

BLOG: Avoiding Private Jet Charter Cancelation 

Have you ever had your private jet charter canceled or diverted?

Anyone who travels can relate to canceled or delayed flights. And if you never experienced a canceled flight before 2020, you likely have in the past year. On March 18, 2020, U.S. commercial airlines canceled approximately 11 percent of scheduled flights. That number rose to an unprecedented 40 percent by March 25, 2020. To date, services are still temporarily suspended on select routes. 

Enter private jet charters. Private charter has helped people travel during a time of uncertainty and has opened people up to a new world of luxury flying, many of whom will never go back to flying commercial. CNBC reported that by June 2020, private flights overall were running at up to 70 percent of 2019 levels. 

Yet, even private jet charter companies have been facing operational issues resulting in last-minute cancelations and costly changes to flight schedules. These are likely due to unpreparedness for the surge in business and a lack of contingency planning. 

At Private Jet Services (PJS), we believe that traveling doesn’t need to be more challenging than it already is. Even before the increased need and interest in private air travel, PJS has remained ahead of the curve to ensure no uncertainties in your flight schedule, costs, and overall experience. With over 91,000 passengers flown to date, PJS has experienced zero flight cancelations. Outside of the unfortunate reality of mechanical issues or possible weather delays, PJS stands by its mindset that a cancelation for a non-mechanical reason is unacceptable. 

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Here are the practices PJS has in place to keep your private jet charters operational and mitigate risk:

1. Proactive vs. Reactive Approach

Having a contingency plan is 90% of the battle, which is why PJS proactively creates a Plan B and C for every single itinerary with predetermined recovery options. Each contingency itinerary is transparently shared with the client in advance, leaving no operational or financial impact to surprise. 

PJS also takes other proactive steps to ensure your flight takes off without a hitch. For example, our operations team strives to position charter aircraft on location the day before departure to mitigate risks to the itinerary, the potential for mechanical issues, or delays. 

To paint a picture, a client may be flying out of a typically foggy-morning location (like Nantucket or San Francisco) or one that is prone to other weather-related delays. PJS will make sure an aircraft is in place the evening before so that there are no delays in the morning waiting for an inbound jet to arrive.

2. Ahead of Technology Curve

Over the years, technology has only served to help aviation teams better manage flight schedules, safety, maintenance, and finances. An intelligent operations management tool dedicated to private aviation’s nuances is vital for any private jet charter company to run successfully. PJS relies on next-generation Flight Management System (FMS) Avianis to ensure client trips are well-managed, accurate, and correctly booked from start to finish.

3. Real People. Real Communication 

Behind our technology sits a dedicated Operation Center Flight Concierge. People are the core of our business, so we ensure that a real person is always available to meet client trip needs at any time, day or night. That also means putting that handy contingency plan into action at a moment’s notice. Call us. Email us. Chat us. We’re here. 

4. Relationship-Driven Business 

As mentioned, relationships drive our service, from PJS’ client relationships down to the relationships with our partners and air carriers. These strong relationships help us maintain a proprietary database to monitor our air carriers’ safety, operations, and service. 

PJS also utilizes TripGrade+ to grade each trip and corresponding partner air carriers. Should an air carrier have safety violations, provide an unsuitable aircraft, deliver poor service or underperform for PJS or our clients, PJS refuses further interaction or use of that carrier. This immediate action ensures that we undoubtedly support our clients on every aspect of every trip, present or future.

Are you tired of commercial or private jet charter cancellations? Let PJS help get you back in the air today with peace of mind intact.