Corporate Travel Managers Achieve Rock Star Status with PJS

Corporate Travel Managers Achieve Rock Star Status with PJS

Corporate travel managers wear a number of different hats in their mission to deliver optimal travel solutions to their teams. Each day is an intricate dance through a steady succession of multiple roles. At PJS, we take care of the complex logistics and cater to each client’s unique preferences so corporate travel managers can be rock stars at their jobs.  

The multiple roles of a corporate travel manager include: 

The Diplomat

You cater to a variety of stakeholders at all levels of the enterprise with differing needs, and you need to satisfy all of them with diplomacy and grace. 

The Firefighter
Just when you think the day is going smoothly, you are hit with a number of fires to put out – changing itineraries, delayed flights, weather alerts, and shifting priorities. 

The Purchaser
You are vetting multiple options based on accessibility, cost, ROI, reliability, efficiency, schedules, and vendor relations to make the most cost-effective and strategic choices. 

The Interpreter
Even if other languages are not required, you use interpretation skills every day to navigate through a variety of travel acronyms, airport codes, and transportation jargon.

The Data Analyst
Your success is based on understanding and analyzing cost efficiencies and ROI of travel programs, analyzing successes and failures, and making data-based decisions.  

The Juggler
Keep each of the above roles moving fluently in rotation while maintaining control over each and never dropping the ball. 

★ The Rock Star

At PJS, not only do we fly rock stars, we make it easy for corporate travel managers to be rock stars in the eyes of their team. With a collective 300+ years of industry expertise, the PJS team covers all of the intricate details to create advantageous and cost-efficient solutions that will satisfy every stakeholder in the enterprise. 

PJS delivers streamlined corporate travel designed for optimal productivity, comfort, and convenience. Every flight includes a dedicated concierge who facilitates customized catering, onboard entertainment, reservations, flight manifests, customs and immigration requirements, and ground transfers for door-to-door service. PJS checks all the boxes so travel managers can deliver exemplary corporate travel: 

  • A complete suite of aviation consultancy services
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Inflight Concierge
  • A secure online portal tracking all travel itinerary details
  • A minimum of two contingency plans for every flight
  • 24-7 access to a team of aviation experts  
  • Global access to aircraft in every category and size
  • Unsurpassed safety and maintenance standards 
  • $500,000,000 Liability Insurance for every flight
  • ARG/US Gold and Platinum or Wyvern verified aircraft

To learn more about the complete suite of private aviation solutions offered by PJS, please download the Corporate Travel eBook.