Study Shows that Business Travelers are Seeking Healthier Dietary Options

Study Shows that Business Travelers are Seeking Healthier Dietary Options

One of the biggest drawbacks of frequent business travel is the toll that it can take on one’s health. Commercial business travel can be complicated, time-consuming, and physically draining. In the hustle and bustle of ground and air transport logistics, travelers often make poor food choices from the limited resources available, which further compromises one’s health and vitality. A new report reveals, however, that the ‘convenience before health’ approach to dietary choices on the go no longer flies with an increasing number of today’s travelers. 

A recent report from CWT, a business-to-business travel management company, reveals that, since 2017, more business travelers are focusing on healthier eating habits. 2,700 professionals who travel for business at least four times per year were surveyed. The results show that maintaining health and wellness routines while traveling has become a growing priority for travelers. 

CWT’s Chief Traveler Experience Officer, Niklas Andréen says, “Maintaining healthy habits while traveling is nearing the top of the priority list for travelers around the world.”

Globally, 38% of business travelers are eating healthier while on the road. Asia Pacific travelers are the most likely to eat healthier when traveling for business (46%) compared to travelers in the Americas (35%) and Europe (29%). Of the respondents, only 7% of travelers said they do not adhere to health and wellness routines when traveling.

Across all regions, business travelers are striving to achieve their health and wellness routines regardless of where they are in the world, which makes flying private an ideal solution. Private flyers enjoy greater efficiency and productivity, which promotes better sleep and reduced stress, as well as myriad dietary options – all of which improve overall health and wellness. 

The right private charter provider can craft highly specialized meals for those with very specific dietary needs and restrictions. Private Jet Services (PJS) is proud to have a vast client base that stretches throughout the sports, entertainment, corporate, and government industries. In fact, PJS flies a number of major league and collegiate sports teams who have collectively won 17 Stanley Cups, 10 World Series, and 50 NCAA championships. High-performing athletic teams, in particular, tend to have very specific dietary requirements. With PJS, personalized catering and dietary options are virtually limitless. From high protein or gluten-free options to favorite dishes from the top local restaurants in the departing city – Lobsters in Maine or Tex-Mex in Texas – or themed celebration dinners, almost anything is possible. 

Whether an award-winning sports team or a winning team of corporate flyers ready to take their business to the next level, PJS will design a customized itinerary and personalized menu to suit your team’s unique nuances.