Presidential Candidates in Private Jets

Presidential Candidates in Private Jets

Private jets are excellent service used by many presidential candidates or politically active people, and individuals that have important positions in corporations. This is done by having in mind easy accessibility and shortened procedure of traveling and all the necessary processes one has to go through when flying commercialy. When it comes to presidential campaigns this can become a crucial factor of success.

During last years presidential primary season most of the candidates, including Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, and Bernie Sanders all used private jets. And of course, once the conventions have been held and the nominations decided, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and their VP nominees used private planes extensively.

“We can keep to these tight schedules because for a lot of the year we’re providing aircraft and services to the world’s top rock bands and the winners of 13 Stanley Cups and 10 Worlds Series,” said Greg Raiff CEO of Private Jet Services.

The candidate’s reasons for flying privately are largely the same as any other user of private aircraft including the timesaving, flexibility, privacy and convenience. Overall they turn to private aviation simply because it’s the most efficient way to cover vast distances and meet their demanding travel needs.

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