FAQs For Private Business Aviation Travelers

FAQs For Private Business Aviation Travelers

Since the pandemic, business executives and corporations are opting to fly private. A new world leads to new questions, including everything about charter flights that many want to know, given how many options and providers exist.

Whether you have taken only a few business charters or are thinking about corporate aviation for the first time, we are here to walk you through every step of the process. To start, we will explore some of the most common questions we receive from business travelers to help you get the most out of your charter experience.

  • Why should I use an aviation consultancy? There are a variety of charter options available. Knowing which one is best boils down to customer service, unique needs and customization desired. An aviation consultancy like PJS turns an array of choices into a set of options that work for specific needs. At a consultancy, aviation experts with greater awareness of the private jet ecosystem are at your disposal and know the right questions to ask you and the aircraft provider to ensure the best outcome. This knowledge helps secure the proper size jet, where and when you want it and at the best value. However, not all providers are the same. Look for a charter consultancy that will create high-value experiences with an expert human touch still intact.
  • How far in advance do I have to book a flightThe return to travel post-pandemic magnified the demand for private aviation. July 2021 flight volumes industry-wide were up 44% relative to pre-COVID July 2019, and August reports show this trend continuing with no end in sight. With upward pressure on rates, limited aircraft availability and added burden on crucial infrastructure such as fuel services, aviation professionals urge travelers to start booking their charter flights 3-6 months in advance. If booking large group travel such as an incentive trip, think even further out.
  • How much time will I save flying private? Calculating the impact of airline travel on employees and the time saved proves how integral the air charter function is to corporate travel programs. Time saved often shows an offset in business aviation costs. For example, an employee can arrive at the FBO (fixed-based operator or the separate private terminal for charter aircraft) 15 minutes before a business flight. With commercial aviation, time spent traveling from home to the airport, navigating security lines, baggage checks, boarding all passengers and more can cost a business upwards of 4 hours even before the plane takes off. Multiplying that time by an employee’s hourly rate and weekly travel equates to significant money lost.
  • How do I know the provider I am using is safe? Providers should never compromise safety standards. Yet, some aviation companies only fulfill the minimum safety practices required by regulations. Others far exceed those regulations. At PJS, we only source operators with the top safety certifications in the industry, such as Wyvern, ARGUS and IS-BAO. PJS’ Director of Safety breaks down each of these certifications here.

To close, assume that not all providers are equal. Understand your options before you fly for the most enjoyable private charter experience.

If you have more questions about charters or need guidance on where to start, connect with our aviation consultancy team today for a free consultation.