Safety Begins with Leadership

Safety Begins with Leadership

Safety begins with leadership and PJS’s dedicated director of safety, Wayne Lockley, is an experienced aviation veteran who leads our rigorous safety program to ensure that safety is at the heart of all that we do. 

As our safety leader, Wayne leverages his deep experience as a pilot, U.S. Navy veteran, member of the International Society of Aviation Safety Investigators, and Naval Test Wing Safety Officer for the Bell AH-1 Cobra upgrade and the AW101 (EH101) Merlin/Cormorant Atlantic Presidential Helicopter Program. Wayne meticulously audits all safety aspects of inspections, operations, crews, maintenance, flight plans, and flights. Drawing on his deep knowledge of published and private safety resources, Wayne stays up to date on the NTSB, Flight Safety Foundation, and the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization.

Wayne is dedicated to developing and adhering to a robust and proprietary Safety Management System that dives into all facets of air operations, seeking out and mitigating risks and ensuring that PJS continues to invest in our industry-leading safety initiatives and standards.  In addition to our own, continuous research, PJS receives detailed reports from third-party, independent safety auditing agencies, whose experts assist PJS in conducting field audits.  Far from the typical “audit mills” which rampantly sell services to the very airlines these auditors are responsible for policing, PJS insists on independent contractors who have only one objective – safety.

Only ten percent of all airlines meet PJS’ strict standards as we impose non-negotiable markers around a clean operating history, aircraft age, and liability insurance levels. All aircraft and pilots are vetted for each and every departure, using PJS’ stringent requirements.  Before a client sets foot on a PJS-certified aircraft, our in-house team examines all aspects of the operator and supplements the liability insurance policies of the Air Carrier with a $500,000,000 liability policy of our own.

To learn more about PJS’s industry-leading safety protocol, Download our Safety Standards Guidebook and contact us with questions.