More Airlines Commit to Carbon Offsets

More Airlines Commit to Carbon Offsets

In January, Private Jet Services (PJS) announced the PJS Carbon Neutrality Pledge and the commitment to offset 100% of the emissions from passenger flights. Since then many other airlines have pledged similar carbon offset programs, showing the increasingly important nature of being environmentally cautious. Delta, JetBlue, and United are among a few of the airlines that have revised their carbon offset programs recently. 

Prior to 2020, many airlines offered carbon offset programs for their customers, where each customer, at the time of booking, could donate money towards a carbon offset program. However, these programs were paid for by the customer and the amount donated was solely dependent on the customer. According to recent research, only 1 out of 11 airlines actually paid their own money for a carbon offset.

So why the large push to either revise or join carbon offset programs? The worldwide number of flyers is accelerating to a forecast of 4.6 billion passengers in 2020. More passengers equal more flights and more jet fuel being used. Although the aviation industry is developing new technologies including fuel additives, cleaner engines, and lighter airframes, these advancements are simply not enough to reduce carbon emissions produced by airlines.

Additionally, airlines are realizing that in order to make a real impact, erasing carbon footprints needs to happen at a faster pace and larger quantity, and PJS was the first private aviation consultancy to step up, taking the lead. 

In partnership with American Forests, a pioneer in conservation since 1875, PJS has implemented a reforestation program to offset 100% of the carbon emissions released by flights. PJS is committed to planting 79,200 trees in two of the nation’s most needed regions and will reconcile its reforestation program annually to compensate for increased flight activity.

To make even more of an impact, PJS has established [insert date here] as the first-ever PJS Earthy Day where clients, family, and friends can join the team at PJS in the inaugural tree planting. 

To learn more about PJS Earth Day, please contact us!

To learn more about the PJS Carbon Neutrality Pledge and the carbon offset program, download our brochure.