How PJS Creates High-Value Custom Private Aviation Experiences

How PJS Creates High-Value Custom Private Aviation Experiences

Private Jet Services always delivers mission-critical air travel services to a select but diverse group of high-caliber industries — sports teams, government agencies, the world’s most prominent bands and entertainers, global 5,000 companies, and ultra-high-net-worth professionals.

At PJS, we serve multiple industries because we understand how to cater specifically to each. We believe that private aviation is not a one-size-fits-all operation. This is why our dedicated industry-specific experts know the most pertinent and nuanced details to create unforgettable, bespoke experiences beyond simply moving you from here to there. 

Each industry we touch shares the common thread of their need for private aviation. Each is also unique in its own right. All call PJS home for many reasons, but above all, PJS creates high-value experiences with an expert human touch. The “Expedia for private jets” model does not exist here. Humans touch everything that we do. 

Curious how our experts customize experiences for your industry? Find your group below or contact our team if you don’t see your needs below. Let PJS create a mold that works for you. 

Leisure Travel

The leisure experience begins the moment you step aboard the aircraft. Whether traveling alone or with a small group, PJS has access to aircraft of all sizes that are customizable to your specifications, including executive jets and 30–50 seat regional jets. We also work with dozens of hospitality partners worldwide to create unique experiences wherever you go, both inflight and during your time on the ground. 

Meetings, Events & Incentive Travel

Building a seamless group trip is our priority. Whether planning a corporate conference, family reunion, or flying a wedding party, we ensure that the travel element matches the event’s theme, style, and vibe. Upon arrival or departure, PJS will personalize details of your flight, such as: 

  • Custom boarding mats to champagne toasts
  • Individualized gifts and amenities onboard 
  • Branded company logos or family names on luggage tags, napkins, wine bottles, etc. 
  • An in-flight menu built around your event theme


Business Travel

Whether regularly moving hundreds of employees from multiple points of origin or conducting a one-time movement of a high-value team, we find ways to ensure high productivity and low stress. Our Flight Concierge works directly with internal travel departments on manifest coordination, WiFi connectivity, corporate client branding, on-board entertainment, and customs requirements for international business trips (including COVID-19 paperwork). 

Entertainment Touring 

 As a consultancy, PJS provides detailed information on costs that inform tour planning by taking a draft show itinerary and working out a preferred schedule based on multiple aircraft and routes from flying in and out of shows from a base city to traveling point-to-point around the world. This includes moving equipment, crew, and VIP artists, all while treating them like the stars they are with complete privacy, coordinated ground transfers, door-to-door chauffeur services, and fully customized catering. 

Professional and NCAA Sports

PJS is the only brokerage that supports private charters for both pro and college athletes as well as executives, coaches, and entire teams, making PJS a one-stop shop for all your organization’s team charters. Receive direct, easy access to airliners that support large equipment loads expanded seat pitches for the tallest players, groups of all sizes, and executive jets for coaches and team administrators. Catering and beverages are planned to exacting specifications, with every player’s drinks and snacks already waiting at their seat. Plus, there is no minimum commitment. Whether you require an entire season of travel or a single game, we have the right aircraft solution for you.