A Return To Normalcy & Unforgettable Travel Experiences

A Return To Normalcy & Unforgettable Travel Experiences

Four months into a new year and already so much has changed. Change that is agreeably for the better of the travel and hospitality industries working diligently to rise above it all and for those who are itching to travel again in support of their own business or personal pursuits.

We are all thankful for the gradual return to normalcy and the rebound in demand for travel. I am proud to say that this team was more than ready for the shift in how people move from here to there. Our focus this year is more clear than ever – to design and deliver safe, bespoke experiences for our clients, from solo business travelers to large multi-family groups, pro sports teams, and entertainment production teams. 

Hospitality Partners

This past year, PJS has supported our existing client enhancement programs with wonderful partners such as Viceroy, Cuvee, and ANI. We have built new relationships with hospitality groups around the world, including Auberge, Mandarin Oriental Canouan, The Tais Hotels, the Coconut Traveler, and Blair Estates.  These partners have worked with PJS to deliver world-class service, safety, and value by building convenient end-to-end packages that combine private air travel and resort accommodations.  

Professional and Collegiate Sports

Our group of 21 NCAA programs, 12 NHL teams, and a myriad other professional sports teams is expanding this year as we gear up for Summer and Fall sports. We have built out our PJS Sports Division with exclusive team-configured airliners and have heavily invested in people and systems through the pandemic to continue expanding our  MLB and NFL programs.  PJS maintains direct access to more than 30 Boeing 737-400s and 737-800s at the ready, in addition to smaller light and mid-sized jets for team management and personnel flights.

Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE)

This particular segment of the industry struggled most in 2020, but it is also making the greatest comeback. The PJS sales and marketing team plans to resume our schedule of industry FAM programs, industry exhibitions, and in-person meetings later this year as states reopen… with a few changes to ensure best practices for our team and clients’ safety.

We recently shared some of these expected changes and predictions for how the MICE industry will recover, plus resources to help those involved in making it happen. The future here is looking bright. 

The PJS Consultancy Promise

Speaking of resources, above all, we are here to guide you through your private air travel journey. Whether you are flying for pleasure, moving a large group, or sourcing travel for your company, our priority is to ensure that you have all of the information you need to make the most informed decision. Our Consultancy practice understands that no two trips are identical and that the best outcomes arise when we partner with our clients to customize the deliverables.

PJS and our friends in the industry often see regret in first-time private jet owners who made impulsive purchases or those who charter their first private flight unadvised. We have been helping change the misconceptions and lack of information around private travel solutions all along. On top of all the changes we have seen over the past 12 months, that promise remains. 

I am confident in where we are heading and look forward to creating more of the most unforgettable travel experiences available.