Why Partnering With PJS Is A ‘Winning’ Decision

Why Partnering With PJS Is A ‘Winning’ Decision

Long gone are the days of busing professional sports teams from one city to the next or flying athletes on regularly scheduled commercial flights. Now, private aviation charter is essential for teams to be transported and get the R&R needed in order to perform their best on game day. Private Jet Services understands how important each win is, and how winning is determined not only during the game time but in the weeks, days, even hours leading up to it. Using VIP configured aircraft, PJS can cater to a sports team’s every need from card tables, dedicated flight attendants, fine cuisine, and onboard physical therapists.

Some advantages to partnering with Private Jet Services include:

The same VIP aircraft for the entire season

Giving you control and removes surprises. In the unlikely event that something unexpected occurs, we always include two contingency plans to assure you (and the team) make it to your destination. We also have a dedicated concierge onboard to ensure each flight operates smoothly.


Travel only with your known guests. No cargo or passengers other than your own are on board the aircraft, and you are given the ability to make last-minute manifest changes.

Increase in productivity

Hold team meetings, plan social and relaxation activities, and arrange customized meals and beverages catered towards the team’s needs for top performance and recovery… all onboard a private aircraft with freedom from outside disturbances.

Total control over flight schedules

PJS gives you full jurisdiction over when your next flight departs, whether it is in a month or on a moment’s notice. With PJS, you determine destinations and departure times, not the other way around.

With over 13 years of experience flying MLB, MLS, NHL, and NCAA teams, Private Jet Services knows what it takes to move world-class athletes around the world. To learn more about how PJS can enhance your pro sports or NCAA team’s performance, contact us here.