Aircraft Management in a Time of Change

Aircraft Management in a Time of Change

As the nation’s largest aviation consultancy Private Jet Services (PJS) has worked with many aircraft owners and management companies sourcing high-quality aircraft to use for specific programs PJS offers. As technology continues to change our industry, and new business models create a dynamic flow in pricing within the on-demand aviation market, we feel it is important for all private flyers; owners, jet cardholders, and ad-hoc clients to understand how industry changes affect the end management of an aircraft.

This article published by Aviation International News (AIN) details many of the challenges these aircraft management companies face. While PJS is not an aircraft operator, we partner very closely with these companies sourcing safe and reliable aircraft for use in our programs. As part of our due diligence to proactively discern the best available air carriers and pilots, the PJS operations team must be aware of these trends in aircraft management, pre-vetting vendors who can provide the safest most cost-effective options for our clients.

Today more than ever, private aviation is saving travelers time, reducing stress, adding convenience and providing privacy.  Businesses and individuals can now be more productive with the extra hours they save before, during and after each private flight.  Families and friends can leave when they want, spend more time together and spend less time sitting in security. All of this is wonderful for the private aviation industry, but it also means increased competition. With over 15 years of experience, PJS has determined the best set of operating procedures management must have in place for a flight to be successful. Our selective vetting has yielded 15 years of incident-free flying and PJS is the only consultancy that is able to offer $500 million certificates of insurance for every trip.

PJS exists to solve air travel logistics with dedication and passion. PJS is well-positioned to help navigate the private aviation marketplace to identify the best means of private aviation for each of clients, whether individuals, corporations or their advisors.

The bottom line is that the global aviation marketplace is filled with various options and solutions, and the companies that manage aircraft must adapt to the market. What works for one traveler isn’t necessarily right for another traveler, nor should it be. Private Jet Services offers a unique consultancy approach providing the safest most cost-effective individualized solutions for every client. It is a method that consistently delivers choice, value and perfection for a wide range of global clients.