Private Jets 101: An Intro to Classes of Private Jets 

Private Jets 101: An Intro to Classes of Private Jets 

When the term “private jet” comes to mind, the first image in most people’s heads is a smaller executive aircraft that fits only a few people. While there are many jets that do fit that description, the number of aircraft that can be chartered privately is much more diverse than that. Whether you and a loved one are heading off for a romantic vacation or you’re bringing everyone along for a company outing, there are enough classes of private jets built to suit your needs.

Light Jet

These are the smallest of all the available jets and closest to what people imagine when thinking of private jets. With capacities ranging from 6 to 8 people, these are designed with a much more personal traveling experience in mind. This light jet class also has a range between 1500 and 2000 miles, making them ideal for quick, short flights.

Mid-Size Jet

The Mid-size seats a similar number of passengers as the light jet, 6-9 people, but this time in much more spacious accommodations. With many mid-size jets, a partial galley is available to allow for the serving of meals during your flight. Mid-size jets within this class also have quite a bit more baggage space ranging anywhere from 45 to 90 cubic feet of space.

Super Mids

Choosing a super mid jet opens up the range of possible flights for the private jet traveler. These have ranged anywhere from 2,700 to 4,000 miles, bringing a nonstop flight across the U.S. into the realm of possibility. Seating a similar number of passengers as the mid-size, these jets have the space available for fully reclining seats should you be looking to rest on your trip.

Heavy Jets

These jets can fit anywhere from 10 to 14 passengers allowing for much larger parties to travel together. Heavy jets almost always come equipped with a full galley to accommodate the serving of diverse full meals. Full-sized lavatories are also offered, adding to an already superior level of comfort. Some heavy jets can even achieve a range of 7,300 miles which is more than enough to make it across the Pacific ocean should the need arise.


With capacities ranging from 30 people to 326 people, these are the leviathans of the private jet industry. But just because a jet can hold 326 people does not mean it has to be equipped that way. Airliners can be refitted to seat less than their maximum capacity providing for a traveler unparalleled spaciousness and luxury.

Regardless of the size of your party or how far you need to travel, Private Jet Services can find a plane that will suit you and whatever your needs may be.