10 Reasons to Travel With a Private Jet Part 2

10 Reasons to Travel With a Private Jet Part 2

Last week, we revealed reasons 1 through 5 that corporate aviation makes more economical sense for the elite traveler.  This week, we conclude with Part Two and reasons six through ten. Read on for the conclusion!

6. Dine the way you want to

When you travel via a corporate plane, you have the freedom to dine on your terms – meaning catered cuisine from your favorite restaurant can be freshly prepared and waiting for you when you arrive at the plane.

7. Source a specific aircraft

When you fly commercial, you’re crammed into a one-size-fits-all solution. This is not the case with corporate aviation. You’ll be able to design your trip around your needs, so whether you need a 9 passenger executive airline or a 50 seater aircraft to move your team around, you can make it happen.

8. No long walks to your gate

Jam-packed airport shuttles and last-minute runs through the airport are a thing of the past when you fly private. The walk to your aircraft from a small FBO is exponentially easier than hauling your carry-on through a large commercial airport. In some cases, your ground transportation can often pull up on the tarmac alongside your plane

9. Arrive just 30 minutes prior to departure

When you remove the long lines at security and check-in, there’s no longer a need to arrive at the airport hours and hours before your flight time. Just show up and take off.

10. No collecting luggage from baggage claim

Keep your hands and feet clear of the conveyor belt? Yeah right. Just step off the plane and grab your bags when you’re on a corporate aircraft.  Say goodbye to checked baggage fees too. So go ahead and bring that extra set of golf clubs.

Why do you stay away from commercial airlines? Remember, wherever you need to go, Private Jet Services can help you get there. Think you’re ready for a quote for your next trip? Click here.