BLOG: 5 Reasons To Fly Your Wedding Party Private

BLOG: 5 Reasons To Fly Your Wedding Party Private

‘Tis the season for wedding planning.”

February has long been deemed National Wedding Month. More couples get engaged in February than any month of the year — nearly 6 million on average reported annually on the 14th of the month alone — and Bridal Shows are typically teeming with blushing brides-to-be.

So ahead of spring and summer nuptials, we’ve gathered a few reasons why flying your wedding party, and even the entire guest list in some cases is the way to go for 2021. If you’re planning a wedding, sit back, read along and let Cupid’s arrows fly true.

Ensure everyone arrives and leaves your destination venue the picture of perfect health. Keeping your wedding group together from the beginning, whether transporting a small wedding party or utilizing a larger private airliner for your full attendee list, equates not only to safety, but more fun all around.

  • Romantic Atmosphere

Opting for a smaller wedding? Keeping your group small and intimate can create a more romantic atmosphere. From the moment you step onto a VIP airliner, elegance and comfort set the fairy-tale mood.

  • Furry Wedding Guests Included

At the beginning of this year, a new Department of Transportation rule went into effect, stating that airlines are not required to treat emotional support animals as service animals. Effective immediately, most US carriers will no longer allow emotional support animals. But what would the best day of your life be without your furry best friend and likely trusty ring bearer? Fly private and bring your pup along with you for the special day with zero restrictions.

  • Pre-Game Celebration

Start your wedding party in the air with private catering and sparkling wine abound. When you fly private, especially with PJS, we stock your private jet to your personal specifications to kick off your wedding celebrations even before you reach your final destination.

  • Carefree Bride… And Groom

Above all else, a stress-free bride is a happy bride. Flying private puts bridezilla at bay. With options for quiet walk-about VIP cabins, full amenities, and room for relaxation, find comfort and value in the most demanding situations for the happy couple.

Leave the added headache of planning your wedding party travels with PJS. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!