Benefits Of Working With An Aviation Consultancy For Travel Agents

Benefits Of Working With An Aviation Consultancy For Travel Agents

You are a travel agent. The holidays are approaching quickly, and travel requests are starting to build up as clients worldwide are told of the high demand and low supply issues plaguing the aviation industry.

Needless to say, it’s busier than ever.

While you might hesitate to turn to an aircraft consultancy or outside provider for assistance, there are many benefits to finding a partner to support you in booking high-end experiences and private travel for your clients.

Finding The Best Partnership

  • Increased Supply — Consultancies have access to thousands of aircraft. At PJS, this access extends globally. By working together, agents avoid the stress and time of calling multiple airlines or charter companies to find the perfect jet.
  • Customization — Your high-end clients and busy executives have particular requests and needs when it comes to traveling with ultimate luxury and comfort. A full-service consultancy better accommodates the specific needs of your clients by helping to coordinate all of the extras without bringing in outside vendors. At PJS, under our Total Flight Management program, this includes catering requests, ground transportation and onboard amenities no matter how larger or small the group. We also maintain utmost privacy by rotating tail numbers and working alongside Executive Protection to secure aircraft pre-flight.
  • Commission — This is important for everyone involved and one of the most frequent concerns or questions we see from travel agents. We know that you still want to earn top dollar for the value you provide. So, find a partner who will give commissionable rates on any charter booking, regardless of how it came to fruition.
  • Robust Network  — For travel agencies — many of which are relatively small businesses with limited marketing budgets — partnering with private aviation companies that have hundreds of regular private fliers provides a pipeline of Ultra-High-Net-Worth consumers and Fortune 500 businesses who may not have previously used an advisor.
  • Safety Reassurance — Jet consultancies know industry standards. They deeply understand the ins and outs of safety inspection, aircraft maintenance and FAA regulations. They also have key access to this information regarding each aircraft, confirming that a private jet has passed all inspections, runs under the highest quality safety certificates for air travel and that pilots and crew meet extensive training requirements. When working with a consultancy or outside provider, always look for a company certified with the industry’s highest safety ratings.
  • Ultimately, an aviation consultancy knows more about aircraft, from the basics to the nuanced details, and has the expertise to know the right questions to ask for you and your clients. Finding your clients the best of the best wins over every time.