3 Things to Consider when Comparing Private Aviation to Business Class

3 Things to Consider when Comparing Private Aviation to Business Class

The rising cost of business class airline tickets along with the need for greater flexibility and efficiency has many executives rethinking the true “cost” of commercial airline travel compared to private aviation. By looking at base financial cost alone, a private jet is more expensive than a business class seat. In today’s economy, a single, business class airline ticket from Boston to Miami costs anywhere from $750 to $1,200.  That same route, flown privately on a light aircraft, costs $4,890 per hour.

The price disparity between the two seems staggering but take a deeper look. With all commercial flights, seats are rented on an individual basis.  When a group of 6-8 executives flies to a meeting together, the financial cost of those 6-8 business class seats is now in the price range of flying private. Depending on the aircraft size and specifications it private aviation options can be marginally cheaper.

In addition to financial considerations, private aviation for business provides added benefits that commercial flying does not. Take a look at the top three reasons why business clients of PJS chose a private aviation solution:

The Number of Travelers and the Distance Being Traveled

Private aviation is more cost-effective when traveling in a group, typically over shorter distances when travel itineraries are complex. Light aircraft that seat between 6-8 passengers are extremely efficient at moving executives on short trips. These aircraft are nimble and can access smaller airports, making multi-leg trips easier and more efficient. The combination of efficient travel and time savings allow the cost per seat to be comparable to that of business class on commercial airlines.

The Value of Time Savings and Convenience

With the ability to determine departure time, executives can spend more time in the office rather than waiting in security lines at large airports. During the flight, executives have the convenience of privacy, allowing confidential meetings to occur, increasing productivity. Private aircraft have access to more airports than commercial airlines so executives can arrive closer to the destination, reducing on-ground travel time.

Personalized Amenities and Comfort

As assumed, private aircraft are a part of the luxury industry. On any private jet, there will be a spread of VIP services provided. From whiteboards to collapsible presentation boards, the team at PJS goes to great lengths to make sure our passengers are comfortable and have a bespoke luxury experience.

Some executives fly private for the convenience, others for the efficiencies. No matter the reason, it is safe to say that the true “cost” of commercial flying is far greater than that of flying private.

To learn more about how you can experience the benefits of private aviation with PJS,  download the Private Jet Services 2019 Guide to Private Aviation.DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE TO PRIVATE AVIATION