Jet cards, fractional ownership, charter, subscriptions, and applications cause a lot of confusion in private flying. That is why jet cards are the easiest way to take care of your private travel needs. 

Jet cards are recommended for people needing between 25 and 100 of flight hours annually or for aircraft owners who need a supplemental lift.  Before you consider anything, the first step is finding a reliable broker with a complex safety audit program in place. 

Beyond safety, here are the top questions to ask when considering any jet card program:

Will You Have Flexibility in Aircraft Choice?

Many jet cards are locked into a specific aircraft category with a guarantee of a set hourly rate. This is good for budgeting, but also has limitations. Cards designed for flexibility enable you to select different aircraft depending on the mission. Set rates between the categories will differ due to the changes in operation costs, but be sure to ask about additional interchange fees or program limitations.

Where are My Funds Held?

All funds should be held in an escrow account. This ensures your assets are not co-mingled with the company’s operating account, and secures your funds for your specific use only.

Are There Blackout Dates or Peak Surcharges?

The whole point of private aviation is to fly when you want. Ask about blackout dates and surcharges for peak demand periods.

How Far Out do I have to Book With a Jet Card?

Many cards require you to book in advance, some as much as a week during peak times while at other times it could be as much as 24 hours. What you are looking for is a card that guarantees immediate response time 24/7/365, especially if you make last-minute bookings frequently.

Are There Extra Fees?

Many jet cards impose extra fees for membership, management, change-of-aircraft, empty legs or positioning the aircraft and/or crew for your flight. All that adds up and destroys your ability to budget because you never know what the “all-in” price will be. You want a jet card that doesn’t load on all these fees.

Am I Limited to a Specific Region?

Your greatest flexibility – which is the reason you are flying private in the first place – is to fly anywhere, anytime, on your schedule. Consequently, you want a card that has a global reach and the choice of any aircraft.

Check out the PJS Jet Card. We designed programs specifically to eliminate all the frustration and hassles we’ve heard about jet cards. 

Our cards have no blackout dates or peak surcharges. That means 365-day guaranteed availability flying exclusively on PJS certified aircraft. Rates are locked in for 12 months and never expire. Members get 5% discounts for qualified round trips

PJS Jet Cards give you the greatest flexibility at the lowest cost in the industry. Choose any aircraft and fly globally only paying for the time you are inflight.