Family Offices are increasingly involved in structuring and managing the ownership of private aircraft for business and personal travel. Many are quickly realizing that owning aircraft can bring myriad complexities which, if not handled properly, can have costly consequences. Unless a Family Office has the in-house expertise required to structure and manage owned aircraft, the best option is to work with outside experts.

The operational magnitude of managing owned aircraft can outweigh the convenience and luxury of owning a jet. From safety regulations, FAA certifications, and investment in avionics (such as ADS-B), to understanding tax implications, vetting pilots and hiring maintenance crew, aircraft ownership requires full-time attention.

Aircraft are expensive assets. Working with an aircraft management consultancy can help maximize and preserve aircraft value, provide fiscal oversight, establish infrastructure and staffing, oversee regulatory and safety requirements and generate revenue through private jet charter.

An aircraft management consultancy can help with:

  • Usage and succession planning
  • Fiscal oversight and tax planning
  • Revenue generation through private charter
  • Vetting and hiring pilots and crew
  • Maintenance and safety inspections
  • Administrative and operational functions
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Hangar management
  • Insurance coverage

Ownership structures are complex. Private Jet Services (PJS) can help. PJS has been delivering innovative aviation solutions that meet the mission profiles and objectives of Family Office clients since 2003.

With a combined 300 years of industry expertise, the PJS team delivers a level of excellence unmatched in North America. The PJS Aircraft Management Team has built deep and trusted relationships with Family Office clients through understanding the unique nuances and financial goals of each, providing a full array of progressive aircraft management solutions for aircraft Parts 135 and 91. PJS Charter Sales Representatives have longstanding relationships with an extensive clientele, delivering end-to-end charter flights for the 5,000 to 10,000 passengers that fly with PJS every month. The PJS Flight Operations Team uses the most advanced technology available to track and monitor every flight. Additionally, PJS supplements liability insurance policies of the Air Carriers’ with its own $500,000,000 liability policy for every flight.

To learn more about the aircraft management and advisory options available through PJS, please contact PJS consultancy experts to discuss your needs and goals.