Not All Private Jet Providers Are Alike

Not All Private Jet Providers Are Alike

By Matt Dubois – PJS Chief of Staff & Director of Safety 

On-Demand Private Flying

On-demand private jet service consultants have many benefits over the other methods of securing a private jet for air travel needs. The most valuable of these benefits is that consultancies possess greater industry expertise and awareness of the entire private jet ecosystem. This knowledge helps you secure the size jet you want, where and when you want it and at the best value. It also provides added peace of mind, because all jet providers within the ecosystem are not the same when it comes to safety.

What to Look For

Some business aviation companies only do the minimum required by regulations. Others far exceed those regulations. The difference between the two extremes is astonishing and many customers do not know what to look for when it comes to safety.  The best private jet service consultants will recommend only experienced, government-certified aircraft and flight crews that both comply with current safety regulations and operate to the highest industry safety standards and best practices 100% of the time.

Does the company have a Safety Management System (SMS)? A Safety Management System provides a structured management approach to mitigate safety risks in aviation operations. A well designed and implemented SMS will provide:

  • A documented structure for safety risk management decision making
  • A process of demonstrating safety management capability before something goes wrong
  • Confidence in risk controls through robust safety assurance processes
  • A safety promotion framework to support a robust safety culture


Does the company have a Director of Safety? Business jet operations are not required by the FAA to have a Director of Safety. Implementing an SMS and establishing a robust safety culture are team sports but having a dedicated resource playing quarterback is crucial to success.

Has the company been audited by a recognized third-party auditing company like ARG/US or Wyvern? Third-party auditors scrutinize an operator’s maintenance records, flight history, insurance coverage, the frequency of aircraft inspections and a program’s ability to meet or exceed FAA standards. Other considerations include pilot training, flight hours and pilot medical records.

Why PJS?

Due diligence. PJS does the work of vetting aircraft and crews on your behalf, because due diligence is a cornerstone of the PJS Safety Program.

PJS proactively uses several published and private resources to ensure safety, including the Federal Aviation Administration, National Transportation Safety Board, Flight Safety Foundation and International Civil Aviation Organization. PJS also receives safety reports from both Wyvern and ARG/US International. These independent safety auditing agencies audit business aviation companies to ensure they follow the highest safety standards, implement best practices and that pilots have the correct background and experience.

PJS has an experienced and dedicated Director of Safety whose sole job is to implement standards that exceed minimum regulatory requirements and continuously improve operations as new safety practices become available. The safety team also examines any operator for its incident, accident and enforcement history.

Complementing both qualitative and quantitative analysis, our 18+ years of experience helps us identify the best available air carriers and crews based on their adoption of best practices, safety operating histories and highest pilot sourcing standards. PJS does not solely look at compliance, but we also look at a clean operating history, aircraft age and liability insurance levels. In addition, pilots are vetted and examined multiple times ahead of each engagement.

If you do nothing more than educate yourself on what business aviation companies should do to ensure your safety, you have already done a lot. But now you know what to look for – a company that hits all the marks necessary to promote a culture focused on safety. When you find it, you will have a great travel partner you can trust.