6 Ways PJS Helps Corporate Event Planners Succeed

6 Ways PJS Helps Corporate Event Planners Succeed

The journey to your event should be a part of the event, not an add-on or an afterthought. By creating a cohesive experience starting with travel, events become more memorable. 

PJS helps bring that unforgettable event to life while making life easier for event planners.  Full-services offerings include everything from VIP treatment at the gate to special catering and branding options.  

Whether planning your next conference, company meeting, strategic offsite or incentive trip, working with a consultancy like PJS is key to pulling off your event without a hitch. 

Here are a few key ways we help corporate event planners make building an event from start to finish look like a breeze. 

  • Your Right Hand — Event planners need vendors who honor responsiveness, flexibility and clear communication — ultimately a team or person to help take things off their plate. To ensure our event planners always feel supported and their teams have a VIP experience, PJS places a Flight Concierge on each large group flight through our Total Flight Management program. The flight concierge is there to support you every step of the way, from the first consultation call to the time your group arrives back home safely. 
  • One-Stop-ShopWe believe in going above and beyond by designing complete and transparent travel plans for your client. PJS manages all logistics and transportation with a single point of contact so that you do not need to communicate with multiple vendors to get the job done. We make the plans and let you take all the credit.
  • Concurrent Booking Options — PJS does not limit concurrent bookings. When you need to divide a larger group of C-suite or executive team members onto multiple aircraft for safety reasons, you can efficiently work with us to procure multiple planes through one organization.
  • Flight CustomizationWith commercial air travel, everyone experiences something different. Flying private allows you to have greater control over how your team or client experiences their trip. PJS does this in multiple ways, including consolidating all travel to one flight regardless of group size and ensuring the travel element matches the event’s theme and vibe. Our Flight Concierge also works directly with event planners on manifest coordination, WiFi connectivity, corporate client branding, on-board entertainment and customs requirements for international business trips (including COVID-19 paperwork). And we can not forget coordination of ground transfers, door-to-door chauffeur services and fully customized catering. 
  • Hospitality Partners — Beyond coordinating travel logistics, PJS can help connect you with some of the top hospitality companies in the world, including Bvlgari London, LUX Hotel Group, Mandarin Oriental and ANI Private Resorts. The perfect venue awaits. 
  • Manage Arrival and Departure Times — Make sure your people get to the event on time. No dealing with airport delays, and everyone arrives at the same time well-rested, ready to enjoy the event. 


Ultimately, as an event planner, we know that you care about where your people are at any given time, having choices for your executives or clients and controlling the total event experience from start to finish. PJS’ consultancy approach will help you accomplish an event that you will be proud to award your employees 

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